Connected Forest

A productsuite with modules for the hole process of the forest industry

The modules within Connected Forest can be used separately or together in order to digitize multiple steps and optimize time and resources in your business. The services are delivered as SoftWare As A Service (SaaS) and are built with modern technology. Here are functions for forest and work site planning, work site monitoring, wood procurement, logistics, contracts, price billing and invoicing.

Connected Forest is developed by Trimble Forestry, a world-leading system supplier for the forest industry. ForestX is Trimble Forest’s general agent for the markets Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


CForest is a valuable tool for those who work with forest businesses. It is a SaaS-based Enterprise Resource Planning system for forest and work site planning, work site monitoring and wood procurement. A modern user interface and an embedded map view enables efficient management of all forest planning functions. As a web-based service, CFForest can be used anywhere without customized server solutions.


CFForest is an efficient tool for customer relationship management. Enables maintenance of customer and forest owner data, management of membership data and processing and retrieving information from internal customer databases. This information helps with planning and executing the forest operations.


SilvaPRO’s integrated map enables GIS-based forest plans and work site maps. Forest asset data collected using laser scanning can be utilized for forest planning. CFForest enables the creation of unique forest plans, silvicultural work and felling plans to meet each customer’s needs.


CFForest kan användas för de flesta affärstyper inom skogsindustrin och ger ett bra stöd i förvaltning av virkesaffärer. Avverkningsplaner, avläggshantering och timmertransporter kan alla administreras i samma system.


Worksites harbor all planned silvicultural work and timber sale estimates. Official reports and legal logging documents can also be compiled and printed based on worksite data.


Improve the profitability of your harvesting operations. CFHarvest is a software service (SaaS) for wood harvesting were you also can manage silviculture and forestry services. CFHarvest consists of a web based work planning application, an on-board harvester application and a mobile app for field operations.


Powerful planning tool, tha ensures you to see who is doing what, and when. Drag and drop planning, easy to replan and switch harvesting sites between different teams.


Real time visibility of harvested volumes & location of wood. Improve the productivity of your harvesting teams and reduce roadside and terminal inventory levels.


Manage mixed fleet operations with one system. Create felling reports and ensure traceability to wood origin trough a fully supported, StanforD and StanforD2010, system for the largest machine developers.


Logistics for the forest

Forest companies save money on transportation costs. Improves timber security by follow your timber through the supply chain to the mill. You also execute deliveries to customers accurately with control and visibility of roadside stock.

Contractors will get increased fleet capacity and reduced fleet mileage. We include an in-cab messaging system connected to CFLogistics. You also get an in-truck map functionality to help navigation, and to see if anyone else is on the same road as you.


Financials and settlement

CFBusiness handles all the company and contract management. It creates an end-to-end flow of financial data and simplifies the settlement process. In addition it contains a self-serve analytics, reporting and business intelligence tool.

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