ForestX digitize forestry for the future

Carl Barck, CEO and Christer Lindqvist, marketing manager of ForestX. ForestX is specialized in digitization of european forestry.

ForestX digitize forestry for the future

With innovation, partnerships and modern working methods, smart digital solutions are created that make forestry more efficient. The founders of ForestX saw that the industry needed a partner that specializes in the digitization of the important basic industry that the forest industry is for Sweden.

With the vision to create the next generation of IT consulting companies and product companies for digitization of forestry, ForestX already has a steady organic growth today. ForestX has access to the leading international IT systems for forestry and is, for example, the only partner in the Nordic region for Trimble and Remsoft. – We are a specialized digitization company for forestry and IT. Today we have large Swedish forest companies as customers and several ongoing projects in Europe. We have foresters employed, who together with senior IT architects understand the specific needs of the forest industry. We have a modern organizational form that is based on a dynamic ecosystem where we can quickly grow and bring in expertise in the long term, says Carl Barck, CEO and founder.


Digitization specialists for the forest industry

Forestry is important to Sweden and most other industries could be outsourced abroad, but the forest industry cannot. Therefore, it is important that the industry is efficient and profitable for maintaining competitiveness and sustainability, and a specialized digitalization partner has an important role to play.
– We do not believe that forestry will be completely transformed as other industries have been, such as e-commerce for example. Some steps will continue to be manual but can be streamlined and there we are a credible player who works with the best in the industry, says Christer Lindqvist, marketing manager and founder.

Modern small-scale forestry operation gives large-scale results

To be efficient and productive is to make the best use of what you take out of the forest. With a modern platform that supports more efficient management of resources and raw materials, the forest industry can supply the market with the material demanded in a small-scale way of working with large-scale results.
– If you become more efficient in the small-scale, to think strategically about how and where you take the timber rather than felling in large blocks, the environmental impact will be less. By investing in modern support systems, the forest industry can operate on a small scale and at the same time see a result of large-scale, sustainable, and long-term forestry, says Carl Barck.

Data provides smart decision support for the forest industry The challenge today is that there is too little smartness about what the forest industry’s data can be used for and the lack of communication between systems and actors creates a broken chain. What is needed is data that generates better decision support and an unbroken chain. The players who have digital success know that they need to use AI and Machine Learning to optimize and produce a better basis for decision-making for people.
– Many companies work within a part of the value chain and optimize where they stand. What we see as our opportunity is that we stretch across the entire chain and can optimize across the entire flow, which consists of finances, information, physical volume, and environmental aspects. We see great value in being able to tie together what the companies themselves today are not really able to do, says Christer Lindqvist.

About ForestX

ForestX was founded in 2018.
40 coworkers based in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Falun and Pune in India.
ForestX digitizes the forest industry with sustainable solutions through selected systems and specialist expertise.
Arranges webinars on AI and digitization.