We digitise tomorrow’s most important industry

We are digitizing the forest
Sustainable use of the forest raw material requires smart digital tools, innovation and the ability and willingness to find new ways of working.

ForestX creates digital solutions for the industry with selected systems and specialist expertise in forestry and IT. Together with our experts in change work, we make the digital journey in all parts of forestry possible.

Together with well-known customers in Sweden and Europe, we have since the start in 2018 developed and further developed various digital solutions in forestry. We are now about 40 employees in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Dalarna and Pune in India.

The forest is our fascination. Where are you?

Our three pillars

ForestX rests on three pillars that contribute to greater trust and long-term collaborations.


We contribute our understanding of people and working methods to the development of the forestry industry. Between us, we have over a century of experience in solving problems along the forest value chain, from raw material to finished product.



We offer market-leading systems that we know work for the forestry, timber and paper industries. We combine these with innovative, customised solutions that meet our customers present and future needs.



Innovation and new digital solutions are prioritised, by us and by our customers. Our curiosity and willingness to challenge the status quo mean that we always strive to create new value every step of the way.


What’s new with us and in our business environment?


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