Development and continuous improvement

At ForestX, the desire to innovate is integral to our day-to-day work. We are driven by development and continuous improvement, something that makes us receptive to various types of collaboration and partnership. Because we understand that no one can be the best at everything, we create teams that complement one another with knowledge of the industry, the latest technology and cutting-edge innovation.


We constantly challenge the status quo and strive to create new value in every step of each journey with our customers. Artificial intelligence (AI), data management and analysis and the cloud offer previously undreamed of digital opportunities. In combination with our operational knowledge, these technical solutions can create new and sustainable business models.

That said, we also understand that no single stakeholder can be the best at everything. This is why we place such a high value on good partnerships with other specialists. In addition to the industry-leading product suppliers Trimble and CollectiveCrunch, a number of specialists refine our services and we are constantly looking for others who can create new value for the forestry sector.


When people and knowledge meet, new ideas are born. Of course, innovation is not simply a matter of inspiration; behind every innovative process there are soft values such as an open-mined work environment – a culture that provides people with the space and time to think along new lines. There are also hard values, such as access to data, technology and knowledge about an industry and product. It is in when soft and hard values combine that innovation arises.

At ForestX, we have created a work environment with a strong interest in the challenges and opportunities facing the forestry sector, an open-minded atmosphere in which team members take the initiative to develop together with our customers.

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