Linda Forest

CollectiveCrunch is a start-up that is a leader in AI development for the forest industry. By collecting climate, geo- and process data and processing this information in parallel in AI models, the value of forest inventory can be better predicted. 
Collective Crunch product is called Linda Forest and is delivered via a SaaS platform. By using Linda Forest, our customers make better buying and selling decisions. They gain a better understanding of the risks of climate change and the opportunities in CO2 trading.
Johan Hedlund, ForestX, Mika Korvenranta, director of product and business management at CollectiveCrunch, Patrik Anderchen, ForestX and Lauri Tamminen, director customer success at CollectiveCrunch at ForestXs office in Gothenburg, spring 2022.

More AI for the forest through partnership with Collective Crunch

ForestX and CollectiveCrunch initiate partnership and create a joint offering to Sweden’s forestry companies. The collaboration means that CollectiveCrunch’s core product, the artificial intelligence “Linda Forest” will be included in ForestX’s product portfolio.
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