Our services

ForestX offers various packaged services and solutions designed to suit your needs wherever you are along the value chain. Our ambition is to provide you with the opportunity of benefiting from the very latest system solutions supplemented by the specialist skills you need to achieve the desired change. You might look at us as the forestry sector’s app store. Together with carefully selected specialists, we understand your business.


An understanding of the organisation and the individuals working in it is crucial to good project management.

All ForestX project managers have experience of the forestry industry. They manage digital projects in parallel with the process changes being implemented.

We do so responsively and together with the people in the organisation.


New digital solutions should be used where they can provide the greatest benefit for the organisation, its staff and end customers; however, this digital change requires the adaption of working methods.

Our requirements analysis describes your flows and processes in a structured manner. We challenge and ask questions to ensure that we are leading the ongoing work and the people performing it in the right direction. The analysis can be performed as a feasibility study or a business case, in which case it is often used as the basis for future investments.


The integration of existing and new systems demands experience and knowledge of the industry in question. By identifying critical areas early in the project, we avoid time-consuming mistakes.

ForestX integration architects will lead you through the entire process and ensure that each element is performed in the correct order.


New methods and technologies constantly see the light of day, making it vital to develop systems in parallel with these developments. ForestX offers system development with the emphasis on problem solving and innovation.

We pick the best resources for the assignment in hand, regardless of whether we find them internally or via our offshore partners.

Proven system solutions

Connected Forest and OptiNex are two selected systems that we know work and that we would be delighted to tell you more about.

Interested? We would be delighted to tell you more.