Supports the planning and budget process trough all planning levels. Make strategic plans for the whole year or break it down into weekly operative planning.


Create an integrated plan for raw materials, production and sales

The plans are integrated with the calculation, which means that the financial consequences are also shown directly.


Configure and analyze cuttingpatterns OptiNex can graphically visualize cuttingpatterns and analyze these.

OptiNex can also provide a complete distribution of classes with appropriate diameter ranges for the different cuttingpatterns.

Finacial Optimization

OptiNex runs budget simulations with different options in terms of raw material, production structure or sales strategy.

The calculation can be done separately on sawmill or combined for sawmills + processing.

More Optinex Features

What else can OptiNex do?


OptiNex enables to run whole supply chains to end customer demand, to balance working capital cost with lost sales due to stock outs.


Easy and quick simulation tool with effective visualization features. By a push of a button makes it possible to try out different scenarios and comparing

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We can easily integrate OptiNex to other solutions and data sources, that you are relying on. (e.g. ERP systems)

Sawmill Management

Meka – The manufacturing-operations management system

In the partnership with Trimble, we at ForestX can present Meka. Meka is Finlands most popular manufacturing-operations management system in the sawmill and wood products industry sector.

Delivery Chain

Management of the delivery chain all the way from the log meter to delivery


Automatic documents for every stage of the process from order to delivery

Real-time information

Warehouse management and deliveries. Comprehensive real-time information on operations


Electronic transfer of data to customers and transportation-providers. Financial management and production interfaces

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