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ForestX creates real change in the forestry industry – one of tomorrow’s key industries. We do this through our committed team, carefully selected systems, innovation and partners with specialist expertise. Our goal is to optimise the gifts of the forest, so that it can be sustained for many generations to come.


The forestry industry cultivates and harvests the forest’s raw materials and here investments in digitisation have really taken off. Companies understand that digitised processes create new opportunities and that new technology can further improve how they take care of the forest’s raw materials.

New technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) offer enormous possibilities. Satellites, drones and modern geographic information systems (GIS) create new and simplified working methods, while in the future we will see driverless machines operating in the forest, offering unique opportunities. In future, harvesting will be optimised to the point where specific areas can be harvested at exactly the right time to manufacture a given product. This can be achieved by correctly understanding, processing and integrating information flows.

ForestX always asks the question: where can digitisation have the greatest benefit – for the forest, organisations and individuals? taking this as our point of departure, and collaboration as our watchword, we can create change that is sustainable in the long term. At ForestX, we have the industry expertise and responsiveness to lower the threshold for digitisation and create real benefits. We help you to develop your organisation by delivering user-friendly, integrated and highly innovative IT solutions. Thanks to our collaboration with Trimble Forestry, we are able to offer Connected Forest, a unique product suite of system solutions that can streamline all of our customers’ processes.

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The timber industry includes both sawmills and companies involved in the further processing of sawn timber. While this is an industry with centuries of history behind it, in many respects it is also highly modern.

The pace of technological development is high and there is considerable interest in digitising more processes. The industry has embraced digital systems and automated machines with computer numerical control (CNC) and there is a demand for hi-tech robotization using tools such as smart sawmills and AI. The ability to utilise available data and create more efficient forestry is key; optimal use must be made of raw materials at the same time as the demands of the end customer are met.

ForestX has a wealth of experience in the timber industry and we understand the people who work there and the way they work. We offer a range of effective and interesting system solutions depending on the processes you wish to change. OptiNex is an advanced decision-support system for the entire planning process, from strategic to tactical and on to the operational level. The system is flexible and can be implemented as a freestanding solution or integrated into your existing ERP system.

If your company works in the timber industry, share your vision and challenges with us and together we will create real change.


This sector is home to many different companies that use wood or wood chips as raw material for the manufacture of pulp, paper and packaging.

Having implemented many changes over recent decades, including largely digital machine parks and processes, the industry now stands ready to continue its development. If you work in paper and pulp, ForestX can help you to take the right next step on your digital journey at the right time.

Industrial digitisation is all about taking advantage of already existing data to create value. How much time are you wasting in your day-to-day operations, in terms of transport, waiting time or manual data processing? Together, we will review your processes and create a roadmap of the measures that will create the optimal change to meet your specific needs.

We can call on a wealth of experience of data collection, application and website development and business-critical solutions. Our team is constantly looking ahead in order to meet future needs using innovative solutions that utilise technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), machine learning (ML) and virtual reality (VR).

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