We are changing the forestry industry

We simplify the value chain

Our goal is to simplify every link in the forestry raw materials value chain to create sustainable and efficient flows, from the forest to the finished product.

Sustainable and efficient flows, from the forest to the finished product.

This is how we work

ForestX sets great store by remaining responsive. We listen to our customer’s specific needs, conditions and desires. We know that change is impossible unless we involve the organisation and individuals; we therefore employ different working methods depending on how far the customer themselves has come, the level of ambition for innovation and the available internal resources at the customer. Our various working methods are presented below.

To strive for improvement and innovation is part of our DNA. Our handpicked network of partners and specialists complement our team, creating a platform for our customers to challenge themselves with new technology.

Here, you will find specialists well versed in your industry and experts in fields such as AI and machine learning, who can demonstrate new opportunities for our customers and their businesses.

Our business is founded on the ability to develop solutions based on the specific needs of our customers. Our teams consist of project managers, business consultants, solution architects, system developers, testers and designers.

We will create a specific team for you, including your own staff and development partners. We maintain an agile organisation and will involve your own organisation to the extent you feel is appropriate. You can feel secure in the knowledge that your own team will always work closely with ForestX’s local team in Sweden.

In order for a change to have a real effect and create real value, you need a laser-sharp focus on implementation and change management. We know that this is the single largest cause of failed IT projects and so ForestX works continuously with our customers to clarify and support this process.

Our team of operations specialists understand your processes and data and will work with our change managers to assist you with this work.

Did you know that the largest cost associated with IT systems relates to maintenance and ongoing development? ForestX considers this to be an area for continuous improvement, to be managed and prioritised in exactly the same way as new projects and with the same demand for innovation and cost-effectiveness.

Our teams and products are built up in the same way as when we develop new solutions. Our flexible organisation also allows us to easily scale our undertaking up or down, depending on how your needs change.

Our three pillars

ForestX creates lasting improvement for the forestry, wood, paper and pulp industries. We do so with the aid of digital solutions and, equally importantly, by changing working methods. It is this combination that allows us to create optimal customer benefit and contribute to shaping tomorrow’s forestry sector.


We contribute our understanding of people and working methods to the development of the forestry industry. Between us, we have over a century of experience in solving problems along the forest value chain, from raw material to finished product.



We offer market-leading systems that we know work for the forestry, timber and paper industries. We combine these with innovative, customised solutions that meet our customers present and future needs.



Innovation and new digital solutions are prioritised, by us and by our customers. Our curiosity and willingness to challenge the status quo mean that we always strive to create new value every step of the way.