ForestX AB acquires the planning tool OptiNex

ForestX AB acquires the planning tool Optinex from LGJ Konsult AB

Optinex is a unique planning and optimization solution for the sawmilling industry. A holistic and dynamic planning tool for strategic, tactical and operational planning in the sawmilling and processing industries. OptiNex is today used by Martinsons wood, Södra timber, Siljan timber, Holmen timber, SCA Bollsta and Gällö Timber.

“In our vision to digitalize and create value for the industry, OptiNex is exactly the kind of product and solution that fits our offer” says Carl Barck, VD ForestX.

“Within ForestX we can offer expertise in both IT solutions and operations around the sawmilling processes. The acquisition of OptiNex strengthens us further, not least since Lars-Göte Johansson will also be part of ForestX” Carl explains.

“OptiNex is an amazing product that in a unique way solves the business complexity that sawmills and woodworking companies are facing. When it comes to making the right choices, OptiNex is the product for you. The current customers who uses OptiNex, will with this acquisition, have a long-term and strong supplier for many years to come. Furthermore, I see good opportunities that the product will reach a larger market both in and outside of Sweden. For me, ForestX with its clear offering to the industry and solid business competence is the natural choice to ensure that OptiNex continues to develop further.” says Lars-Göte Johansson

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