ForestX expands management team: Forestry focus for Johan Bergström



ForestX expands and strengthens its management team with Johan Bergström.

– Considering the pace of our growth and the complex assignments we have, we are pleased that Johan Bergström wants to contribute with his leadership skills and solid expertise in forestry, says Carl Barck, CEO and co-founder of ForestX.


Johan Bergström will start work immediately and will be responsible for the forestry aspects of ForestX’s operations


– It’s about developing the forest products and services and focusing on those issues in our management work, says Johan Bergström.


The assignment also includes being available to ForestX’s forestry project managers.


– I have worked a lot with team building. I want to find good individual solutions and ways of working for everyone. ForestX is and will continue to be the best place to work for those who want to be part of the most exciting digitalization projects in Swedish and European forestry.


Johan Bergström has a solid forestry background. He has worked as a GIS specialist, then as a researcher at Skogforsk. He has also worked for many years at Sveaskog, for example as head of business-related IT and business development. The last six years at Sveaskog, Johan was also the program manager for a change program in timber flow where both a completely new timber flow planning system and working methods were developed and introduced.


A year ago he joined ForestX as a partner, and is now taking the step into the company.


Since the start in 2018, ForestX has grown to nearly 45 coworkers.


– We are in an expansive phase, and with Johan in the management team, we are keeping our focus on the foundation of our entire business; the forestry products and services, says Carl Barck.


Johan Bergström on LinkedIn

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