New partnership: Say hello to Remsoft

Meet our latest partner, Remsoft – the industry leader in forestry planning and scheduling analytics software. A trusted provider of optimization analytics and intelligence solutions for forest-to-mill planning, land and asset management since 1992, Remsoft works with clients around the world to solve complex planning challenges, transforming data into insights that improve decisions and performance.  


Heath Lunney, VP of Global Sales at Remsoft HQ in Canada, New Brunswick, shares his thoughts on the recent partnership.


– Working with Christer and Carl from ForestX has been a delight! We’re still early in the process, mapping out how we can best work together and where the opportunities are. Both of our companies are leading in their own niche, which makes this a natural fit for both customers and future expansion.

The appeal of ForestX


Partnering had a big appeal to Remsoft for many reasons, continues Heath. “As a highly established organisation, ForestX has an excellent understanding of the Scandinavian market. Our clients are all on the same journey, and digitalization fits our solutions well.”

Remsoft is excited to further expand the company’s long standing, strategic relationships with industry leaders from around the globe though this alliance, says Heath. “ForestX has a very talented and passionate team, just like us, and our company culture and values merge perfectly.”

What will ForestX’s clients gain from the alliance?

The arrangement means that ForestX’s clients can now benefit from greater access to industry leading optimization analytics solutions for increased efficiency and improved margins. Through this partnership, forest companies are empowered to meet the digital transformation head on. At the core of Remsoft planning solutions is optimization technology that helps customers visualize and solve complex business challenges.

“With all the data that’s now available, there’s untapped potential to drive operational improvement in forestry from analytics,” Heath explains. “Optimizing mid-level tactical planning and operational planning is an often-missed opportunity for performance improvement in forestry. In the fine detail of planning and scheduling forestry operations is where million-dollar decisions are made. That’s where Remsoft optimization and operational planning analytics solutions can really help, bringing new efficiency, precision and agility to impact bottom-line performance.”

With Remsoft solutions, ForestX customers can bring critical accuracy and speed to their planning – using technology that combines mathematical optimization modeling, spatial analytics and AI insights to deliver intelligent decision support and deep scenario analysis capabilities – on the desktop and in the cloud.

“We offer tools for optimization throughout the supply chain from long term strategic planning to tactical and operational day to day plans. “ForestX’s clients can now enjoy access to the best optimization planning tools, mapping out all kinds of scenarios to make useful decisions, as well as tools for digitizing the supply chain.”

(Remsoft’s client portfolio includes Weyerhaeuser, Rayonier, Stora Enso and Sappi among others.)

Billions in forest estate assets and over 500 million acres of land worldwide are managed sustainably with Remsoft software. Heath adds, “Our 25+ years of experience working in forestry has allowed us to help big clients all over the world drive productivity and automate manual processes to meet the complex demands of forest and wood supply chain management.”

Remsoft has over 150 clients all over the world – which means many new business opportunities for ForestX.

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