Christmas party at ForestX

We ended 2022 with a Christmas party at the office in Gothenburg. Mingling, saffron drinks signed by our own Oskar Danielsson and colleagues from all over Sweden getting together.


Several people have joined ForestX during the year, so it was a great opportunity for old and new coworkers to get to know each other.


After a Christmas dinner in town, we returned to the office and music by Gotsoul ( into the wee hours.


Photo: Carina Gran

Conference in the archipelago: seafood and boat trip



In early September 2022, ForestX Sweden and five employees from ForestX India could leave the office and head out into the southern archipelago of Gothenburg. The destination was Brännö and Brännö värdshus. The conference programme was followed by a generous seafood buffet with crayfish, prawns and salmon. An appreciated feature during dinner was Patrik Anderchen’s direct translations of Swedish drinking songs into English. The colleagues from India sang Indian songs. 


The next day, the group headed out to Vinga lighthouse. After a walk on the bare cliffs of the small island, we turned back towards Gothenburg. The boat trip took the group through the harbor of Gothenburg in the glorious September sun. 


Photo: Oskar Danielsson, ForestX

Time to meet again!



Now we can finally meet as usual again! One Friday in May 2022 we met up for a snack and a drink at our main office in Göteborg, Sweden. Enjoy!

Christer and Mohamed successful team in chess tournament

ForestX’s marketing manager and founder Christer Lindqvist participated in October 2021 in the event “Näringslivet möter förorten” (Business meets the suburb).


Christer and his chess partner Mohamed met other teams in a pair chess tournament. They played every other move, with the only restriction that they were not allowed to talk about the moves, but about everything else! The afternoon could be summed up with two wins, two losses and a draw.


  – With my very limited knowledge of chess, our success is entirely Mohamed’s merit. I also want to thank all the children from Eriksbo in Angered for good support during the matches, says Christer Lindqvist.


“Näringslivet möter förorten” is an event-based movement for integration that brings people together. The event is arranged every year in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Linköping and Malmö.


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