ForestX celebrates five years: “There is no company like us in all of Europe”



From a handful of people in an office hotel on the outskirts of Gothenburg in 2018 to over 50 coworkers in several countries today. Founders Christer Lindqvist and Carl Barck summarize ForestX’s first five years – and look ahead.


In autumn 2023, ForestX was named Gasell 2023 by leading Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri for its rapid and stable growth. It coincided with the company’s fifth anniversary and is a good starting point to sum up the years that have passed.

“We simply created the company that was missing in the industry; an IT consulting company with products that work towards the forest industry's core processes."

How was the idea for ForestX born? How did you see the needs of the forestry industry five years ago?

Christer Lindqvist: Carl and I have always had the same vision since we got to know each other in the 1990s. We want to develop processes and technology in the forest industry through smart and good solutions.

Christer Lindqvist, Marketing director ForestX

Carl Barck: We simply created the company that was missing in the industry; an IT consulting company with products that work against the forest industry’s core processes. All industries need this kind of company, which works with digitization for a specific industry.

Carl Barck, CEO ForestX

Christer Lindqvist: With ForestX we have added a number of dimensions. It is about:

  • Supply good and modern products.
  • Have a forward-looking and clear partner model where we can offer the best specialists and products that fit exactly into our customers’ needs.
  • Have a flexible delivery model where we can quickly scale up development needs through our team in India.

Through this, our customers get better control of their information, more efficient processes, increased profitability, faster and simpler decisions and the opportunity to adapt their systems to new technological possibilities.

Carl Barck: IT and digitization are general tools, but when it is to be used and applied, one must understand the business. We do it because we have so much forestry expertise in the company, a third of our employees have a forestry background. Honestly, there is no equivalent to us in all of Europe, maybe not even globally.

ForestX office Sisjön 2018
ForestX office Sisjön 2018
ForestX office 2020
ForestX office 2022
ForestX office 2023
ForestX Europe
ForestX office Göteborg
ForestX office Göteborg
ForestX management
ForestX office Uppsala
ForestX office Uppsala
ForestX office Växjö
ForestX office Växjö
ForestX office Växjö
ForestX office Falun
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How has ForestX grown?


Christer Lindqvist: We have grown entirely organically with a well-thought-out method based on an open and flexible model to be able to collaborate in various forms of ecosystems with our customers and partners. Within the framework of our business concept, we want to operate in the entire forest value chain from seed to finished product, but in practice we have so far mostly worked in forestry and the wood industry.

Carl Barck: Geographically, we have gone from having been focused on Sweden and Scandinavia to now, after five years, seeing the whole of Europe as our main market. In practical terms, we have established offices in several Swedish cities and in two locations in Europe. In addition, we have our team in India.

"Honestly, there is no equivalent to us in the whole of Europe, perhaps not even globally."

ForestX Pune India
ForestX Pune India
ForestX Pune India
ForestX Pune India
ForestX Pune India
ForestX Pune India
ForestX Pune India
ForestX Pune India
ForestX Pune India
ForestX Pune India
ForestX Pune India
ForestX Pune India
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Any milestones to mention?


Christer Lindqvist: They are many! From our first office in Gothenburg until we were able to inaugurate our office in India in the spring of 2023. Then I remember things like the first license deal for Optinex at Pfeifer in Austria and when we implemented CFHarvest at HedeDanmark . The Gaselle award we received in autumn 2023 from Dagens Industri confirms and summarizes how steady our growth journey has been.

ForestX India
ForestX India
ForestX India
ForestX India
ForestX India
ForestX India
ForestX India
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Carl Barck: I would especially like to mention our deals in Europe with Pfeifer, Mayr-Melnhof and Rubner that has been significant steps. At home, I want to highlight the work with Trimble Forestry CFHarvest at Sydved. The latest big thing is our project with Holmen. It is an important deal for us, it is the first Connected Forest deal in Sweden. We have felt stability and security in our collaboration with Trimble in working on this deal and others as well.

Collective Crunch
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"During the pandemic years, we actually had our strongest growth to date."

Pandemic, war in Europe and a troubled outside world – what has it been like to start a company under those circumstances?


Christer Lindqvist: Of course, the unrest in Europe and the world has shaped us and nothing can be taken for granted anymore, we are enormously humbled by this. The pandemic years did not stop us. Through the model we had, we were able to expand and deliver our projects in a more efficient way when we had to take away offices, physical meetings and other activities from the workplan. On several occasions, it was striking to us how empty the office could be despite the workshop being in full swing. During the pandemic years, we actually had our strongest growth to date.

Carl Barck: We can see how the economic crisis has affected our customers in 2023 – many have had poor profitability. But for that reason, they have worked even more with us to strengthen their competitiveness. Our solutions also become our customers’ solutions to their problems.

Why is it important that the forest and wood industries continues to be digitized?


Christer Lindqvist: Today, the industry is under stronger pressure than ever to change in order to meet new climate goals and other EU regulations. Today’s forestry is also strongly questioned in its current form. New forest owners place new demands on forest companies but also see new areas of use for their forest, from the investor side we also see a greater interest in forest ownership.


The increased rate of digitization affects and has affected all industries. The forest industry is both behind and ahead of other industries, but what is most affected is increased availability of information, the ability to process large amounts of data, new technology that can facilitate time-consuming manual work and the great demands on environmental effects and sustainability.

"New forest owners make new demands on forest companies, but also see new areas of use for their forest."

Carl Barck: On the wood side, it is about maintaining competitiveness. It is about becoming more efficient in resource utilization and how to use your staff. The forest has a challenge in the changes that will take place where we move towards more control and knowledge about the forest and the forest land. Felling will be less. IT solutions and digitization are the key to maintaining production.

What needs do you see the forest industry having going forward?


Christer Lindqvist: Regardless of which areas are changed and/or made more efficient, new digital systems and tools will be central. We see that companies like ForestX will be perfectly positioned in this change.

Carl Barck: We see an increased need for better decision support. You get that with the help of optimization and AI in planning and control.

ForestX after work
ForestX after work
ForestX after work
ForestX after work
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What lessons have you learned as entrepreneurs from the years with ForestX?


Carl Barck: It is a challenge to go from the small startup company where you have to manage everything yourself to the large established company where you have to work in a different way. During 2022 and 2023, we have actually created a new company in terms of structure. We had to make that shift, we are now approaching 60 coworkers.

Christer Lindqvist: Some of the most central lessons as entrepreneurs and specifically the forest industry that we have worked in are:

  • The importance of a clear and focused business model.
  • Long-termism and perseverance, that is, we must always believe in what we are doing to reach our goals.
  • Team delivery. We always work cross-skills in our assignments and respect each other’s contributions.
  • Relationship, relationship and relationship. We do business and projects with people with whom we build a long relationship.

Where will ForestX be in another five years?


Carl Barck: We do what we do now, but in more places, more customers and in more branches of the forest industry.

Christer Lindqvist: We are simply present in more industries within the forestry value chain. Our collaborations with our partners are even stronger. Our team in India has further developed and has a stronger presence in all our deliveries.

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Sponsored sauna warms the students in Umeå



Forest studies + sauna = true. Of course, ForestX sponsored the students in Umeå with a new sauna unit when their old “reactor” stopped working.


Finska föreningen (The Finnish association) at the University of Forestry’s student union in Umeå ensures that the sauna culture is kept alive among the students. An open and warm sauna is offered at least once a week.

– It exists for those who are interested in taking a sauna and having a good time, says the president of Finska föreningen, Petter Tillberg.

Petter Tillberg president för Finska föreningen

Since last autumn, a new sauna unit with a new chimney insert has been installed in the association’s sauna, sponsored by ForestX.


The students got in touch with representatives from ForestX during a meeting between the industry and the students in 2022. When the old reactor, as the unit is called by the students, gave up after ten years, they contacted some companies. Patrik Anderchen, a forester trained in Umeå and now business developer at ForestX, picked up on the idea. It was also not difficult to get CEO Carl Barck on board. He too has a past at the university in Umeå.

– I have had a lot of fun as a student in Umeå. Of course we wanted to help the students, he says.

Carl Barck VD ForestX

The sauna is well managed by the Finska föreningen and its board. President Petter Tillberg explains how the board is formed:

– We have a defense minister whose task is to protect the sauna from the Russians, there is a metsä minister who makes sure there is firewood and a makkari minister who makes sure there is something edible. Two people are ministers of culture, their job is to make bad Finnish jokes. The propaganda minister is responsible for various events, the reaktorii minister is responsible for the reactor itself (ie the unit). As the president, I rule and make decisions. We are an association for everyone’s well-being and our goal is just for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves!


Before formal sittings, the sauna is of a slightly more specific character. Then you have to speak with a Finnish accent, regardless of which language you speak.

– The sauna is popular among the exchange students too, says Petter Tillberg.


The association’s sauna has attracted at most 40 people into the humid heat. The sauna has reached an impressive 110 degrees Celsius.


The association cuts the wood themselves. The school owns a forest outside Umeå where the students can clear and thin. When Akademiska hus, which owns the land around the school buildings, recently cleared, the Finnish association also had to take care of the wood.


The Finnish association has existed in Umeå since 2006. The sauna is available for rent for those who want to see the world’s only reactor with the ForestX logo on it!

Fact box

Top rating for Finska föreningen on Google:


The association’s facility is consistently rated five when the visitors have their say. Here are some of the reviews:


Fantastic place. Took a swim in the Gulf of Finland, stepped up as a new person.


Nice atmosphere, nice sauna, nice relaxation area. A high-quality spa facility suitable for all ages.


Very nice and genuine sauna, large selection of drinks and friendly staff! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to try the real Finnish culture here in Sweden!


Very pleasant and pleasant experience in the rustic and genuine establishment. The staff are service-oriented and accommodating in everything from refreshing health drinks by the pool to tasty snacks in the steam sauna. The relaxation area with its own fireplace and open floor plan invites you to convivial discussions in the company of good friends as relaxation after strengthening exercise in the adjacent ecological wooden outdoor gym.


A warm and pleasant sauna that opens up possibilities for a truly unique community.
Should the sauna still feel a bit too hot, you can always cool off in the luxurious “Gulf of Finland” hot tub!

Do you also want to help the students?

The University of Forestry’s Kårhus in Umeå needs a new roof! If you are able to support, contact Patrik Ulvdal .

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ForestX awarded for being fast-growing and successful

Since the start in 2018, ForestX has grown both fast and stable. ForestX is now appointed Gasell 2023 by leading Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri.

– This is an award for all our employees! Without their competence and commitment, we would not have received the award. We are a fantastic team, says CEO Carl Barck.


ForestX offers digital solutions and business knowledge for the entire forest value chain, from forest to finished product. Customers and users are located in Sweden, Denmark and Central Europe.

VD Carl Barck och marknadschef Christer Lindqvist

– An important part of why we have grown in this way is that we have innovative and forward-thinking customers. Our customers can see every day how our solutions help them make good and profitable decisions, says Carl Barck and continues:

– I dare to say that our combination of deep understanding of the complex requirements of the forestry and wood industries and top competence in IT development, AI and digitalization is unique. You won’t find it anywhere else.


The solutions and know-how ForestX offers provide information and decision support from everything from planning harvesting to how a sawmill best optimizes its use of the timber.


– The award also shows that our offer with solutions that support sustainable forestry and wise use of resources is the right way to go, says marketing manager Christer Lindqvist.


ForestX was founded and is headquartered in Gothenburg. The company also has offices in Falun, Växjö and Uppsala. In Europe, ForestX has employees in Germany and in Austria/Italy. A subsidiary with developers is located in Pune, India.

More on the Gasell award:

The Gasell award from Dagens industri, a leading Swedish business newspaper, is an annual recognition that is given to the fastest-growing and most successful companies in Sweden.


The award is named after the concept of a gazelle, which in this context symbolizes businesses that are agile, nimble, and able to achieve rapid growth.


The Gasell award is highly prestigious and is seen as a mark of excellence and success in the Swedish business community. It acknowledges companies that contribute to economic growth and job creation in Sweden.

How ForestX meets the criteria of Gasell:

Gaselle requirement 1:

A net turnover exceeding SEK 10 million, according to the latest annual report.

ForestX turnover 2022 – 44 million SEK


Gazelle requirement 2:

At least ten employees, according to the latest annual report.

ForestX 2022 – 15 average number of employees (in Sweden).


Gazelle requirement 3:

At least doubled its turnover, comparing the first and last financial year of the four-year study period.

From SEK 16.6 million to SEK 44 million.


Gazelle requirement 4:

Increased their turnover every year for the last three years.

2018/19 (18 months) – SEK 16.6 million

2020 – 19.9 million SEK

2021 – 30.2 million SEK

2022 – 44 million SEK


Gazelle requirement 5:

A positive overall operating result for the last four financial years.

2022 +

2021 +

2020 +

2018/19 +


Gazelle requirement 6:

Essentially grown organically, not through acquisitions or mergers.



Gazelle requirement 7:

Sound finances.


More about ForestX

ForestX was founded in 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The founders and employees have extensive experience from the forestry and sawmill industry. In the fall of 2023, the company has around 50 employees.


CEO Carl Barck is a trained forester and has extensive experience from both the Swedish and international forest industry.


Marketing manager Christer Lindqvist has previously received three Gazelle awards between 2006 and 2008 and has extensive experience of building profitable companies from scratch.


One third of ForestX’s employees have a forestry education. Together with experienced solution architects and developers, there is a great knowledge of the needs of the forestry industry and digital solutions.


ForestX collaborates with several world-leading product suppliers such as Trimble Forestry and Remsoft. ForestX also develops its own product Optinex, which is a planning and optimization tool for sawmills.


Optinex is currently used at sawmills and in the production of glulam and CLT in Sweden and Europe.

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Lars Lundh, partner of ForestX: You must dare to think freely and see the bigger picture

Gothenburg / Karlstad  


Through a network of independent partners, ForestX can offer cutting-edge expertise in all parts of forestry.

When the assignments include advanced logistics and administration – Lars Lundh is on the project.


The CV of Lars Lundh includes previous employers such as Sydved, Sveaskog and Derome. Most of the professional titles that can be found in the world of forestry and sawmill are also there; purchaser, felling manager, timber manager and district manager. Everything from timber and biofuel to special timber has been in focus during his career.


With those experiences, Lars Lundh now works in his own company and addresses issues as logistics, administration and leadership. He is also available to ForestX’s customers when his cutting-edge expertise is needed in various projects.


Look for new ways to develop technology


When asked what attracts and challenges with logistics and administration, Lars Lundh answers: “The possibilities”.


– And for that you need a mixture of youthful zeal and the experience that comes with age, he says.

Lars Lundh emphasizes the importance of constantly seeking and finding new, innovative solutions and not letting the existing and now available technology limit us.


– You do not always think about what developments new technology can help us with. There are many competent people who can develop the technology. It’s just talking about what we need. If there are large enough cost savings to make, you’ll get great benefit, says Lars Lundh and continues:


– We must dare to think freely and see the bigger picture. It’s easy for you to stay in old boxes. The administration must facilitate the daily work. It’s about how you look at the numbers and how to present them in a good way. The sequel is about how to use them in a good way.


Fewer strenuous emergency solutions


From the combination of a well-functioning administration, new technology and good logistics, Lars Lundh sees great benefits based on fewer costly and tedious emergency solutions. The fact that everyone involved is properly informed and provides important information themselves is also crucial in the logistics chain between forests, to loading bays, perhaps via rail and on to other industries. When everything happens just in time, a good flow of information is required so that the right product is in place and on time.


From your position in forestry; which issues must not be missed in 2022?


  • You should be aware of what happens with VIOL, where it’s important to be involved from the beginning. What information can we get out, what raw material do we get and how can we use it in a good way?

  • The biofuel market is also interesting. It is important that we mix the materials in the best way and that the boilers run at the best ability. There will certainly be a greater focus on electricity production.

  • Do not forget the user when creating new solutions and technical support. What is produced must be user-friendly. We will not produce products that remain on the shelf.

  • We must be aware of what is happening in the EU and what rules and laws are being drafted there, we must not just sit down and go along. Swedish forestry must be active, we must come up with the proposals ourselves.

Why did you choose to become a partner of ForestX?


– ForestX has the breadth and competence that makes customers raise their eyebrows when they see what potential there is in the company. Here are the opportunities to improve both for the companies that want to be at the forefront of the chain and also for those who are one of the important links.


And the work for Lars Lundh to improve logistics, administration and leadership is constantly ongoing:


– As soon as you feel you’ve got it, it’s time to take new steps, the only way is to continue the improvement work, Lars Lundh says with a laugh.


Fact box:


Name: Lars Lundh

Do: partner to ForestX, focus on logistics, administration and leadership


Favorite tree:

Lind. Linden has a cultural-historical bearing. The linden trees have been a gathering place throughout history, and they have been hauled to feed the animals. They can basically be hollow and continue to live and grow. Easy to carve if you want to do something in carpentry, it is soft and comfortable when you carve.


Best nature experience:

The Swedish mountains in August / September. When it burns in red, green and yellow colors. I am a bird hunter and a trip to the mountains is a good way to recharge my batteries. The mountains are also nice in March/April with the spring sun. You look like a raccoon when you get home!


Most used app:

The weather is so important in the entire logistics chain. You have to take the weather into account when planning all logistics.


Frequently used bookmarks:


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Long-term management at Setra with knowledge of IT and wood industry



The long-term perspective is the key phrase in the description of ForestX’s assignment at Setra. Setra was ForestX’s first customer, and the management assignment for some of Setra’s IT systems and integration platform is led by ForestX’s Karin Gröndahl.  


Setra is one of Sweden’s largest wood industry companies. ForestX manages some of Setra’s business systems. From ForestX’s side, everything is run by administration leader Karin Gröndahl, who has worked with the administration since 2019.


– Since we’ve worked with Setra for so long, we can think long-term. We’re doing this together. There will be no quick fixes, there will be sustainability in the way we work, she says.


Takes active responsibility for the administration


An annual plan is made together with the management organization at Setra for the collaboration; what is needed for the ongoing maintenance, what support is needed and what new wishes there are.


– We are an active partner, this is the long-term perspective again, we take active responsibility for the administration, says Karin Gröndahl.


The administration is run through regular meetings with Setra’s administration manager and an expert user group who comes up with proposals. The group prioritizes among ideas on function and improvements. It can be about making improvements in user-friendliness, or adapting systems to new needs, such as new markets, new products, and new processes. ForestX also develops various customer-unique solutions.


Recurring team from ForestX


At ForestX, there is a team that continuously works towards Setra. It consists of administration manager, system architect and developers. The team gets to know the customer, understands the needs, and can come up with their own development proposals. In 2022, in addition to the administration, work will be done on major upgrades for parts of the application. These projects are taken care of by project manager Robin Collins, ForestX.


Extensive experience in administrative management


Karin Gröndahl has a master’s degree in economics and has a background in the medtech industry, where she was active for ten years and worked with system administration and management. The medtech industry is by nature strictly regulated and change work is slow.


– It’s more free and more fast-moving in forestry. At Setra, for example, the decision making is very quick when it comes to implementing changes. But it is useful to have experience from another industry. I have a very controlled way of working, and that can sometimes be an advantage, says Karin Gröndahl.


– Forestry was a completely new industry for me when I started at ForestX. It’s an exciting industry and there are many opportunities to improve system support and increase digitalisation, says head of administration Karin Gröndahl.


The team from ForestX that works with Setra’s management:


  • Karin Gröndahl, head of administration

  • Martino Oliboni, solution architect

  • Oskar Danielsson, solution architect

  • developers from MentorMate

About Setra:


Setra is one of Sweden’s largest wood industry companies. The company has eight production units around Sweden, seven sawmills and a processing unit where Setra manufactures glulam, components and KL wood. Setra also includes a processing unit in the UK and Pyrocell, which is a joint venture with Preem.


Setra is 50 percent owned by Sveaskog and 49.5 percent by the forest owners’ association Mellanskog. Other shares are owned by smaller shareholders.


Setra has 800 employees and sales of SEK 4 billion. About 65 percent of sales consist of exports to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.


Read more about Setra at

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New partner to ForestX: Johan Bergström strengthens with expertise in change management

Gothenburg / Uppsala


As Johan Bergström now joins ForestX, the company strengthens their expertise in change management in forestry. 


Since his studies as a forester and onwards, Johan Bergström has moved in the field between forestry and IT. The areas of work have been geographical information systems, forestry planning systems and timber flow systems. After 18 years at Sveaskog, he has now joined ForestX as a partner. With extensive experience of various projects and always with various development issues, he strengthens ForestX’s competence in the work of digitizing Europe’s forest and wood industries.


Leadership and working methods through change processes is something Johan is passionate about.


– Change is difficult and everyone reacts differently, says Johan Bergström, and sees some concrete methods to work according to:


  1. Invest in giving employees the support they need.

  2. Give time to implement changes.

  3. See the value of the soft perspectives.

  4. Make sure there are people who understand and can explain to those who are going through the change.

  5. See the whole; development and change are always connected.

  6. There is not just one perspective. Learning a new system is one thing. But are we properly organized, for example? Do we talk to each other about the right things at the right time? Do our key figures measure correctly based on what we are trying to achieve? Is it possible to understand what I as an individual gain from the change?

  7. The effect that we achieve is most important, let the road there be crooked if necessary.

– If you get many of these points to be connected, it is possible to achieve large effects with relatively small, Johan Bergström says.


Digital solutions for the transition


It was also ForestX’s focus on the importance of the effect of change that attracted Johan Bergström to a collaboration.


– We have the same focus on the effects customers want to achieve. Forestry is currently undergoing a major change where digitalisation is seen as a crucial tool. The digital capabilities are simply a prerequisite for continuing to run a sustainable forestry that is understood by everyone. ForestX is there, working with the industry, IT and digitization and I want to help.


The part of the Swedish forestry that works with IT and digitization is no greater than the fact that Johan Bergström has often worked with people who are now at ForestX. 


– It is a good bunch of partners and employees that I’ve followed for a long time. ForestX is modern and has repeatedly delivered over the years in various projects and is now showing the way in a traditional industry in recasting.


Agile approach to successful change work


To succeed in change work, Johan Bergström advocates an agile way of working.


– By working transparently, communicating a lot, being prepared to rethink, seek and try out and constantly reflect on what happened and why, you will take advantage of the opportunities that you did not even first know existed, or capture things that we did not know before were important.


– This way of working requires that you get involved. It is a chimera to believe that if you spend time on a feasibility study and a requirements specification, you as an organization can then breathe a sigh of relief. A change affects so much more, such as working methods and more people than the obvious ones. Taking care of the things you did not think of will be new costs afterwards or the desired effect will simply not be there.


It all boils down to trust between the parties. A good foundation is often to start with a small project and work outwards, so to speak. It is only when you really get to work that everything finds its place, is Johan Bergström’s experience.


From your position in the forest industry, what does people in forestry need to be aware of?


– The realization that a system does not solve everything. There are many more perspectives you must take into account. How we measure, how we have given the conditions and that we have reviewed the processes. A system is only a part of the solution. One cannot turn a blind eye to difficult leadership issues and the change work that needs to be done.


– In a change, it is a prerequisite that we use the technology correctly for us to succeed. Computers should do what they are good at, we humans do what we are good at. It is when we try the opposite that it goes wrong…

Name: Johan Bergström


Title: Project Manager


Favourite tree: Pine. It has to do with my northern origin. My parents come from Västerbotten in the northern parts of Sweden, and we still have my father’s childhood home just south of Sorsele where the family gathers. Pine dominates there. Plus everything it provides in the form of timber, wood, firewood, coal, tar and dry acorns for insects and birds.


Best nature experience: When I did a ten day winter tent trip in Sarek with my friend John. It was a revenge for an earlier attempt when we were not properly prepared. We got to experience everything from sunshine to a full snowstorm.


Most used app:  Wehunt, a hunting app that has done a lot for safety and the hunting experience.


Three bookmarks in my browser: I do not use bookmarks but am good at searching. But three pages that I check / use at regular intervals:


Excellent starting point for us curious. I think it is important to have independent facts and am a donor.


Trimbles Sketchup for us who like carpentry and building. Always good to start with a drawing / sketch and why not a digital in 3D!

Large portal for everything possible in IT. It is important to keep up, both at work and at home.

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Carl Barck and Christer Lindqvist, ForestX: ”Our journey has just begun”

Gothenburg, Sweden


ForestX was founded three years ago. With 35 co-workers, a broad network of partners and a joint long experience of the combination of forest and IT, ForestX sticks to its goal; to digitize the forest industry.


In this interview with CEO Carl Barck and marketing manager Christer Lindqvist, we go to India, on to the digitization of forestry in pandemic times and future recruitment needs. And much more. 


ForestX India has ten employees in Pune. Pune is today a hub for the tech world in India




ForestX India was founded one year ago. There are already ten employees in ForestX India, all based in the city of Pune. Pune has over six million inhabitants and is the place where cutting-edge expertise in the Indian tech world gathers.

– Everyone at ForestX India are hand-picked specialists. We are proud and happy that we have managed to create this together during this pandemic year, says Carl Barck, CEO of ForestX.


– We chose to make our own establishment in India after reviewing various alternatives. We are confident with the team in India and we have a really good collaboration. We have such good experience that we now want to continue to grow and expand the business there. At the moment we’re looking for Lead Developer, Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer in .NET / Azure Stack and/or Angular in Pune, says Carl Barck.


During the early summer of 2021, ForestX India provided vaccination against Covid-19 to employees and their families.

This is Team India:


Examples of projects where ForestX India and ForestX in Sweden collaborated:




ForestX has a wide partner network. These include Mentormate, Euvic, Tenfifty, Remsoft and Metapraxis.


– Many of our partners complement each other. Since we know our partners well, we will always find the best combinations when we create unique offers for our customers, says marketing manager Christer Lindqvist.


The partnership with Trimble Forestry


One of ForestX’s deeper collaborations is the one with Trimble Forestry. ForestX is Trimble Forestry’s Nordic partner and delivers the CFForest product suite to Nordic customers.


– We realized early on that Trimble Forestry’s products were just right. We are grateful that we have received the trust from Trimble to cooperate in the Nordic region, says CEO Carl Barck.


– The market needs this type of product that provides a platform for digitization. The forest industry wants and needs to move towards modern cloud services, and that is where Trimble Forestry’s products fit in with their modular structure.


– With the transition to VIOL3, the timing is right to choose the CFForest suite. We work continuously with the establishment and adaptation of the product to the Swedish market, says Carl Barck.


Read an interview with Trimble Forestry’s CEO Kevin Toohill about his views on the Nordic forest industry:


ForestX is now working to establish physical offices in Stockholm and Dalarna as the company grows.


Office in Stockholm and Falun


– As we have grown, the number of places where the employees are based has increased. Today, in addition to Gothenburg, there are also employees in Stockholm and in Dalarna. We are now working to establish physical offices there, says marketing manager Christer Lindqvist.

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– ForestXChange is part of our expanded offer for change management, says marketing manager Christer Lindqvist. 


– Through our partner network and our various product partners, we have the knowledge, experience and solutions to ensure a change process to turn out well. We have cutting-edge expertise in all areas related to change, forestry, digitization and IT. This combined means that we dare to say that we are experts in the forest industry’s digital journey of change, says Christer Lindqvist.


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Examples of projects and customers


  1. Setra. Together with Setra, we are carrying out a major development project aimed at modernizing the business system. It will continue in the autumn of 2021.

  2. Vida Skog. We have developed the production follow-up app WQP together with Vida Skog. The app is now in use.

  3. AI project at Sveaskog. We project manage two AI projects at Sveaskog. Among other things, we are developing a completely new tool, KingPin, for producing pin files with higher quality by using AI.

  4. CFHarvest to HedeDanmark. We helped the Danish forestry company to become fully digital in its work process.

  5. Developed OptiNex Glulam for Pfeifer in Austria. We developed a new module for glulam production for our own planning program OptiNex.

Read more about some of the projects here:








Digitization of the forest industry in pandemic times


– We notice that the interest is great and we continuously get inquiries, despite the pandemic. It’s a hot area. We see that the players in the forest industry are interested and well-educated and know that they must take steps towards a completely digital way of working, says CEO Carl Barck.


– We also see how our work with Pfeifer in Austria created great interest in the region, and we are working on new inquiries from that part of Europe.




During spring of 2021, ForestX had two webinars on the theme of AI in the forest for real together with Tenfifty, and one where the product suite CFForest from Trimble Forestry was presented.


– It has been a successful concept with webinars, says marketing manager Christer Lindqvist. It turned out well and we will continue this autumn.


– It is a good format and we have experienced that there has been a great commitment and more participants than we had dared to hope for. It is a great way to share knowledge and information.


– But at the same time, of course, we look forward to meeting our customers and colleagues for real again when society can reopen, says Christer Lindqvist.


On September 16, ForestX arrange  a webinar together with Metapraxis. It will be about analysis and follow-up of finances, production, sales and market in the woodworking industry.


On September 28, part three of our series on AI for real in the woods will be arranged. Then the theme is “Strategic, tactical and operational planning”. Christer Lindqvist, ForestX and David Fendrich, Tenfifty, participate. An even more secret guest is planned!


– With our smart digital solutions, we help forest companies to take their responsibility, says ForestX’s CEO Carl Barck.




– With our smart digital solutions, we help forest companies take their responsibility. By having a solid decision basis and digital opportunities to follow every part of the work process, we jointly save resources at all levels, says CEO Carl Barck.




In three years, ForestX has grown into a company with around 35 co-workers in Sweden and India. With projects in several European countries, there is a constant need to make new recruits. 


– We are always looking for those who have expertise in both forestry and IT. If you have competence and experience in IT, technology, forestry, GIS or VIOL3, you are very interesting to us, says CEO Carl Barck and continues: 


– Our journey has just begun, anyone who wants to be part of building something new should come to us. We work with modern technology and the best solutions.


– We want our employees to be able to make the best professional development with us.

Carl Barck and Christer Lindqvist, ForestX: ”Our journey has just begun” Read More »

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