Lars Lundh, partner of ForestX: You must dare to think freely and see the bigger picture

Gothenburg / Karlstad  


Through a network of independent partners, ForestX can offer cutting-edge expertise in all parts of forestry.

When the assignments include advanced logistics and administration – Lars Lundh is on the project.


The CV of Lars Lundh includes previous employers such as Sydved, Sveaskog and Derome. Most of the professional titles that can be found in the world of forestry and sawmill are also there; purchaser, felling manager, timber manager and district manager. Everything from timber and biofuel to special timber has been in focus during his career.


With those experiences, Lars Lundh now works in his own company and addresses issues as logistics, administration and leadership. He is also available to ForestX’s customers when his cutting-edge expertise is needed in various projects.


Look for new ways to develop technology


When asked what attracts and challenges with logistics and administration, Lars Lundh answers: “The possibilities”.


– And for that you need a mixture of youthful zeal and the experience that comes with age, he says.

Lars Lundh emphasizes the importance of constantly seeking and finding new, innovative solutions and not letting the existing and now available technology limit us.


– You do not always think about what developments new technology can help us with. There are many competent people who can develop the technology. It’s just talking about what we need. If there are large enough cost savings to make, you’ll get great benefit, says Lars Lundh and continues:


– We must dare to think freely and see the bigger picture. It’s easy for you to stay in old boxes. The administration must facilitate the daily work. It’s about how you look at the numbers and how to present them in a good way. The sequel is about how to use them in a good way.


Fewer strenuous emergency solutions


From the combination of a well-functioning administration, new technology and good logistics, Lars Lundh sees great benefits based on fewer costly and tedious emergency solutions. The fact that everyone involved is properly informed and provides important information themselves is also crucial in the logistics chain between forests, to loading bays, perhaps via rail and on to other industries. When everything happens just in time, a good flow of information is required so that the right product is in place and on time.


From your position in forestry; which issues must not be missed in 2022?


  • You should be aware of what happens with VIOL, where it’s important to be involved from the beginning. What information can we get out, what raw material do we get and how can we use it in a good way?

  • The biofuel market is also interesting. It is important that we mix the materials in the best way and that the boilers run at the best ability. There will certainly be a greater focus on electricity production.

  • Do not forget the user when creating new solutions and technical support. What is produced must be user-friendly. We will not produce products that remain on the shelf.

  • We must be aware of what is happening in the EU and what rules and laws are being drafted there, we must not just sit down and go along. Swedish forestry must be active, we must come up with the proposals ourselves.

Why did you choose to become a partner of ForestX?


– ForestX has the breadth and competence that makes customers raise their eyebrows when they see what potential there is in the company. Here are the opportunities to improve both for the companies that want to be at the forefront of the chain and also for those who are one of the important links.


And the work for Lars Lundh to improve logistics, administration and leadership is constantly ongoing:


– As soon as you feel you’ve got it, it’s time to take new steps, the only way is to continue the improvement work, Lars Lundh says with a laugh.


Fact box:


Name: Lars Lundh

Do: partner to ForestX, focus on logistics, administration and leadership


Favorite tree:

Lind. Linden has a cultural-historical bearing. The linden trees have been a gathering place throughout history, and they have been hauled to feed the animals. They can basically be hollow and continue to live and grow. Easy to carve if you want to do something in carpentry, it is soft and comfortable when you carve.


Best nature experience:

The Swedish mountains in August / September. When it burns in red, green and yellow colors. I am a bird hunter and a trip to the mountains is a good way to recharge my batteries. The mountains are also nice in March/April with the spring sun. You look like a raccoon when you get home!


Most used app:

The weather is so important in the entire logistics chain. You have to take the weather into account when planning all logistics.


Frequently used bookmarks:


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