CollectiveCrunch visits Gothenburg



ForestX and Finnish CollectiveCrunch have been collaborating for several years. Together, we are developing the future possibilities of using AI in the forest. In May 2022 we could meet in Gothenburg.


CollectiveCrunch’s product LindaForest collects public and general data such as climate and satellite information, and combines it with customer-specific data on, for example, stands and harvesting. Together, this provides improved estimates of planned management and outcomes. 


Mika Korvenranta, director of product and business management at CollectiveCrunch and Lauri Tamminen, director customer success at CollectiveCrunch were met in Gothenburg by Johan Hedlund, Oskar Selmeryd and Patrik Anderchen from ForestX.   


– The goal of our collaboration is to improve the quality of forest data in Sweden while reducing the number of field visits we need to make. CollectiveCrunch’s solutions use AI to provide access to accurate and always up-to-date data. This enables transparent monitoring of both timber and carbon stocks. The data also enables better informed decisions and introduces efficiencies along the supply chain, says Oskar Selmeryd, Project Manager at ForestX.

Oskar Selmeryd
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