Optinex is a comprehensive planning and optimization program for the wood mechanical industry. With the help of Optinex, a model of your entire business is created from raw material to market.
Based on the model, an optimal plan is created that maximizes the total contribution margin.
Optinex can be integrated with any ERP system. 


In OptiNex, you can easily prepare a coherent sales plan, production plan and raw materials plan, thereby ensuring that you have the ability to produce everything you sell and that everything you produce is included in your sales plan.

Cutting pattern support

OptiNex allows you to graphically visualise and analyse cutting patterns. You can also simulate various timber classes with diameter ranges for the different cutting patterns.

Financial calculations

OptiNex allows you to make financial calculations for products, cutting patterns, raw materials, investments, etc. OptiNex can calculate a product’s absolute and relative values in the form of cost price and contribution margin.

Supply chain

OptiNex can manage the entire supply chain from log to the end customer’s demand for products. OptiNex then balances working capital cost against lost sales.

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