Artificial intelligence develops Swedish forestry industry in new collaboration

Artificial Intelligence – ForestX and Tenfifty have initiated collaboration to develop services for the forest industry within the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The aim is to show how new technology can be used operationally to optimise, rationalise and simplify processes within the Swedish forestry industry. First up is a pilot project for Sveaskog.


Both ForestX and Tenfifty are based in Gothenburg, Sweden and work in different specialist areas of IT. Tenfifty customises AI solutions and ForestX works on digitisation of the forestry industry, including the wood, pulp and paper industries.

“The Swedish forest industry has much to gain from the possibilities of AI. The area is enormous and exciting. Our ambition with Tenfifty, a specialist in the field, is to find ways that can change approaches within the industry. It is important to prioritise and invest in processes that create the best benefit for the forestry industry,” says Christer Lindqvist, ForestX’s founder and marketing manager.


First up is a pilot project for the customer Sveaskog.

“We see great advantages in technology. Integrating AI as part of an operational flow is what we are looking at initially as part of the project,” says Christer Ranvald, project manager at Sveaskog.


The parties also see opportunities in the pulp and paper industries.

“ForestX has the requisite expertise to achieve major improvements in the forestry industry – one of most important industries for Sweden and the future. Together we can apply AI and machine learning where they create the best optimisation effects,” concludes Anders Bjurström, Tenfifty’s CEO.


Photo (from left) Anders Bjurström, Tenfifty, Christer Ranvald, Sveaskog, Christer Lindqvist, ForestX and David Fendrich, Tenfifty initiate pilot projects regarding AI and machine learning for the forestry industry.



ForestX works on digitalisation and optimisation of the forestry industry, through a combination of its own technical consultants, selected systems and expert partners.


Tenfifty creates and implements customised information flows based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and web spindling.

Sveaskog is Sweden’s biggest forest owner, and sells timber, pulpwood and biofuel

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