KingPin Sustainable Project of the Year!


KingPin project and Sveaskog won in the category “Sustainable Project of the Year” at the CIO Awards 2022. ForestX has developed KingPin together with Sveaskog.

– This is proof that cooperation based on knowledge and trust pays off, says Christer Lindqvist, Marketing Manager at ForestX.


The AI tool KingPin was launched last summer. It trims the timber flow and simplifies the work of planning harvesting through so-called apterig control. The tool was developed in collaboration between Sveaskog, ForestX and Tenfifty. Sveaskog is Sweden’s largest forest owner and is owned by the Swedish government. Sveaskog owns and manages 14% of the country’s forests.


– We have been working with ForestX for several years, and they have a good track record of helping us pick up a project idea and implement it from start to finish, with a good network in the industry and a high level of project management expertise. Tenfifty has no previous experience in forestry, but they understood our needs and our reality very quickly, says Patrik Karlsson, Sveaskog’s Chief Digital Officer (CDO) in a press release.


AI to deliver climate-smart products

KingPin uses AI to create a wide range of options to reach the customer’s needs. The end result will be the options that best leverage the ability to deliver climate-smart products. The AI model continues to learn and provide better suggestions the more it is used.

At the CIO Awards 2022, KingPin was the winner in the “Sustainable Project of the Year” category. The opportunities for developing digital support in the forest industries’ sustainability work are great, says Christer Lindqvist:

– We are just at the beginning of developing new and innovative solutions for the Swedish forestry that move the industry into a more climate-smart future.

– New ways of working and digital solutions go hand in hand to make projects like KingPin a success.


This was the jury’s motivation:

 “This year’s sustainable projects show that it is not always the biggest efforts that bring the greatest benefits. A small project for modernisation and increased sustainability, where artisanal, traditional knowledge is transferred to a future-proof artificial intelligence. An investment that is paying off handsomely, both for its own operations and for the climate of the world around it. Today and for future generations.”


The win was announced, and the award presented at the Berns Salonger on 12 December 2022.

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