ForestX’s first trainee: Theo Bohlin does his internship at ForestX



Theory from studies meets reality at ForestX. Theo Bohlin is ForestX’s first trainee.


Theo Bohlin is studying the program “Digital Business Development” at Linnaeus University.

He is spending the first semester of the third and final year of the program as an intern at ForestX’s office in Växjö.

– I’m grateful ForestX accepted me. It is fun to see how everything works in reality in forestry.

Digital business development

The program has informatics as its main field of study with a focus on digital business development and leads to a bachelor’s degree. Theo Bohlin tells us more about the studies:


– The focus of the program is simply how to use information. What is the benefit of the data? Which data is valuable? It is of course also about how to streamline operations with digital support and various technologies, says Theo.


– During the program, we analyze operations, visualize them and find different work processes. The program is very broad. We study in parallel with those who study systems science, but we also study business administration, leadership, marketing, and information systems, for example.

Agile working method in reality

In the internship, the more theoretical knowledge from the studies meets the reality of the business developers at ForestX’s office in Växjö.

– I get to sit in and listen to meetings with customers. You can read about a lot, but it’s a completely different thing to follow along and see how projects are managed in reality. For example, I get to see what agile project work looks like in different companies, says Theo.

– Later, I will try to work with the support for CFHarvest. It’s a bit nervous, but it’s also good to throw yourself into it and try it out.

At ForestX's Växjö office, business developers Patrik Anderchen and Andreas Elling work together with solution architect Andreas Fagerberg.

Name: Theo Bohlin

Job: Intern from the “Digital Business Development” program


Favorite tree:


“A beautiful tree that was in my courtyard as a child. Great memories of all the games played under that tree”.


Best nature experience:

Mountain hiking in Jotunheim, Norway

“A fantastically beautiful environment that I really love and always long to return to”.


Favorite apps:





Frequently visited pages online:




New office: ForestX moves into Videum in Växjö



On the first of December, ForestX will open an office in Videum, Växjö.


Together with the office in Gothenburg, the office will be the base for ForestX projects in southern Sweden. Among other things, they are currently working on the implementation of CFHarvest from Trimble at Sydved.


– It will be very exciting to open an office in Växjö and that our second employee will soon start in Växjö. Videum feels like a very creative environment with many interesting companies in the area that allow our ideas to grow. We also see the proximity to the university as a strength both for future recruitment but also with inspiration from research, says Patrik Anderchen, business developer at ForestX in Växjö.


ForestX currently has around fifty employees in Sweden and India. In Sweden, we have offices in Gothenburg, Växjö, Dalarna, Stockholm/Uppsala and Umeå. In the Indian IT city of Pune, the company has 14 developers.


Photo: Videum

Patrik Anderchen: “We already have the solutions for the future”



Växjö is both the center of southern Sweden’s forest industry and the base for Patrik Anderchen of ForestX.
With new colleagues on the way and projects with well-known forestry companies, he does what he enjoys most about his job: enabling the use of the best digital solutions to forestry.


During autumn 2022, business developer and project manager Patrik Anderchen will be involved in several of the ForestX projects regarding some of the large forestry and sawmill companies based in southern Sweden.


Together with Johan Hedlund, ForestX, he is working on Sydved and the implementation of Trimble Forestry’s CFHarvest, which we have previously reported on. He is also working on an ongoing app development project with Vida. Together with ForestX’s product partner Remsoft, he’s investigating where Remsoft’s products are best suited for the Swedish market.


It was the opportunity to work directly with the latest technology and to be at the forefront of digital developments in forestry that attracted Patrik Anderchen to ForestX.


– I sometimes feel that there is a gap between the latest research and getting it out in a user-friendly way in forestry companies. Now I get to be part of enabling the move towards the most modern technology. I see ForestX as having that role to play.


– ForestX also shares my vision of where Swedish forestry should go. We see the whole chain through all processes. It is also a creative environment to work and develop in. Everyone wants to move forward, it feels stimulating. We’re already working on the solutions of the future.


At the moment, many forestry and sawmill companies are on a journey from self-developed systems to industry systems or standard systems.


– In that work we can be the partner that overcomes the obstacles by knowing IT and forestry. I also see that customers are asking for it, says Patrik Anderchen and continues:


– We have both the vision to connect all parts of the forestry chain and the tools to do it.


When Patrik Anderchen joined ForestX, it was the beginning of a larger focus on Växjö. Recruitment processes are underway and office space is being sought.


– It is only natural that we are here, as Växjö is the center of the forest industry in southern Sweden.


Growing up on a forest farm in Halland, Sweden, created an early interest in Patrik Anderchen to work in the industry. This led to studies to become forester, and then many years at Södra in a variety of roles.


– I have worked a lot with the use of harvest data, yield calculations and production planning.


– I have also worked with aptation simulations. There have been both large and small projects, and rollouts of various digital solutions.


From your position in the industry, what should not be missed in the forestry sector in 2022?


1. The use of harvest data. It will be at the core of managing optimization and improvement of the whole chain going forward.


2. The work on sustainability issues. Everyone needs to keep up with everything from regulatory changes from the EU to knowing how forest products are used and knowing the climate benefits of their operations. This will be extremely important in the coming years.


3. AI and optimization. The data is there now, but what do you do with it?

Name: Patrik Anderchen Role: project manager and business developer. ICF coach.

Favourite tree:


Wood maple.

“There are five big maples on the farm where I grew up. Our family has lived there for generations. It’s beautiful to see the seasons change in the trees.”

Best nature experience:


Hiking at Grövelsjön in Dalarna.

“It’s a beautiful mountain setting and a great place to hike by yourself and for shorter hikes with children.”


Favourite apps:






Frequently visited pages online:



Lucidchart – drawing flowcharts


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