ForestX in long-term project with Holmen Skog

The forestry company Holmen has chosen Connected Forest from Trimble Forestry as the new forestry management system for Holmen Skog. ForestX will implement the system at Holmen.

Holmen is one of Sweden’s largest forest owners. The Holmen Skog business area is responsible for the management and development of the group’s land holdings, which amount to approximately 1.3 million hectares.

Holmen Skog will be the first in Sweden and Scandinavia to choose the Connected Forest suite from Trimble Forestry as a comprehensive forest management system.  The background to choosing the Connected Forest suite is a strategic decision within Holmen to work more data-driven.

– Connected Forest gives us a platform where we can add more solutions and systems in the future. We have a lot of data. Now we have a platform that makes it possible to work data-driven in the long term, says Clas Engström, Head of Development at Holmen Skog.

– In Trimble, we have an active counterpart who continues to develop their software. We get impulses from Trimble for our own development.

Trimble / Holmen
Clas Engström, Head of development Holmen Skog (Photo: Crelle Photography)

At the same time, the change of business system represents a major change within Holmen Skog.

– It is not only an IT project. We are also looking at changing our own working methods. We have involved large parts of the business to find some new approaches and to work in new ways.


In summary, Clas Engström sees two main objectives in the project:

– The first is that we acquire a new operational system and improve and change our working methods. The second is that we get a platform that technically enables us to work more data-driven in an extension and enables us to take further steps in the future. It gives us the opportunity to manage data in a flexible way in the long term, to have control and to know in what format the data will come.

Collaboration partner with Trimble Forestry

ForestX is Trimble Forestry’s partner in the Scandinavian market.  This is the first Connected Forest project in Scandinavia. Clas Engström sees great value in having ForestX involved in the work.


– ForestX is close to us and knows forestry in Sweden and Scandinavia. For example, it will be a great advantage to be able to speak Swedish in these major development steps.

– This is our business system, which is obviously a central part of the company. It is our single biggest project right now. It’s an ambitious project, and we’re putting a lot into it, he says.


The project involves implementing LRM and CFHarvest from the Connected Forest suite.


CFHarvest is currently used by Sydved, another large Swedish forest company. ForestX was responsible for the implementation at Sydved, so there is experience of the system in Swedish conditions. However, Holmen will be the first in Scandinavia to use LRM, a service for managing basic forestry data and GIS information.


We are working to understand how LRM works. At the same time, we want to look at new ways of working and what is theoretically possible in relation to the program. That thinking is going on right now. We are looking at adaptations together with ForestX, says Clas Engström

Modern solutions with AI

For ForestX, the project with Holmen means that the company can now offer the entire Swedish forest industry a modern and powerful system that supports all business processes.

– We see this as the start of our customers getting a modern solution and a long-term partnership that supports the companies in the change that is on the doorstep in a number of areas. For example, it is about external requirements for modern forestry and the opportunity to use new technologies such as AI, says ForestX’s marketing manager Christer Lindqvist.

Christer Lindqvist, Marketing manager ForestX

All parties see the project as the start of a far-reaching and long-term partnership. At the turn of the year 2024/2025, the part with LRM and CFHarvest will be ready to be put into operation.


– We will be the first to reach out to customers with this. We hope that we can meet them a little smarter and more efficiently. It will be more work for us, but we will be the first. It feels good and we are well on our way, says Clas Engström.

Fact box

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ForestX support: Fast answers in Swedish for CFHarvest users 



CFHarvest is used by more and more forestry contractors in the Nordic countries.  

Now there is an easily accessible support in Swedish for users in Sweden.  


CFHarvest is now used by thousands of users in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. CFHarvest from Trimble Forestry provides real-time information and updates for harvesters. ForestX is Trimble’s partner in the Scandinavian market.  


With the numbers of users in Sweden growing, ForestX started a support.  Every weekday, staff from ForestX are ready to answer questions by phone or e-mail.  The employees who answer have forestry training, machine experience and extensive knowledge of CFHarvest.  


Andreas Elling is one of the support staff. He works at ForestX’s office in Växjö and has experience of working with harvesters in addition to his forestry training.

Many questions come in during the start-up phase of using CFHarvest. All users first receive training, but when concrete questions arise in the use, the support is there to help. Andreas Elling encourages everyone to get in touch as soon as a question arises.  

– Don’t be afraid to get in touch and get help from us. It’s valuable to get started in the right way and avoid problems later on. 


Support is available via a support website, by phone and by email.   

– Feel free to use email if you encounter a problem when telephone support is not available. Then we can help you as soon as possible, says Andreas Elling.  


The support website is extensive and still under construction. It is constantly being supplemented, but the answers to many questions can also be found there.  


Andreas Elling sees great benefits with CFHarvest, benefits that users also see in their daily use.  

– There is a quick response between the devices, updates have an immediate impact. CFHarvest is also machine independent, so it doesn’t matter what brand you use, or if you have an older machine. The system is also already adapted for VIOL3, which will arrive in the fall of 2024. 

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ForestX and Trimble Forestry to Swedish Forestry Expo


ForestX’s partner Trimble Forestry will exhibit at Swedish Forestry Expo in Stockholm in June this year. ForestX will be on site and talk about the new Swedish support that is now available for customers using CFHarvest.

At the fair, Trimble Forestry will present innovations for digitalization and automation of forestry for forest owners and harvesters.

Trimble Forestry’s competent experts will inform and advise at stand U21 about the Trimble Connected Forest software and platform solutions with CFForest for forest owners and CFHarvest for logging companies.

ForestX will be at the exhibition to talk about the business-unique support we offer to customers using CFHarvest.

If you book a meeting in advance, we can show you a live demo of the different ConnectedForest solutions. Write to Christer Lindqvist to book a demo!

You can register here to get a free ticket to the fair.

Here you can find more information about the Swedish Forest Expo 2023.

CFHarvest made the whole process digital for HedeDanmark:

More about Trimble Forestry

More about CFForest

More about CFHarvest

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Patrik Anderchen: “We already have the solutions for the future”



Växjö is both the center of southern Sweden’s forest industry and the base for Patrik Anderchen of ForestX.
With new colleagues on the way and projects with well-known forestry companies, he does what he enjoys most about his job: enabling the use of the best digital solutions to forestry.


During autumn 2022, business developer and project manager Patrik Anderchen will be involved in several of the ForestX projects regarding some of the large forestry and sawmill companies based in southern Sweden.


Together with Johan Hedlund, ForestX, he is working on Sydved and the implementation of Trimble Forestry’s CFHarvest, which we have previously reported on. He is also working on an ongoing app development project with Vida. Together with ForestX’s product partner Remsoft, he’s investigating where Remsoft’s products are best suited for the Swedish market.


It was the opportunity to work directly with the latest technology and to be at the forefront of digital developments in forestry that attracted Patrik Anderchen to ForestX.


– I sometimes feel that there is a gap between the latest research and getting it out in a user-friendly way in forestry companies. Now I get to be part of enabling the move towards the most modern technology. I see ForestX as having that role to play.


– ForestX also shares my vision of where Swedish forestry should go. We see the whole chain through all processes. It is also a creative environment to work and develop in. Everyone wants to move forward, it feels stimulating. We’re already working on the solutions of the future.


At the moment, many forestry and sawmill companies are on a journey from self-developed systems to industry systems or standard systems.


– In that work we can be the partner that overcomes the obstacles by knowing IT and forestry. I also see that customers are asking for it, says Patrik Anderchen and continues:


– We have both the vision to connect all parts of the forestry chain and the tools to do it.


When Patrik Anderchen joined ForestX, it was the beginning of a larger focus on Växjö. Recruitment processes are underway and office space is being sought.


– It is only natural that we are here, as Växjö is the center of the forest industry in southern Sweden.


Growing up on a forest farm in Halland, Sweden, created an early interest in Patrik Anderchen to work in the industry. This led to studies to become forester, and then many years at Södra in a variety of roles.


– I have worked a lot with the use of harvest data, yield calculations and production planning.


– I have also worked with aptation simulations. There have been both large and small projects, and rollouts of various digital solutions.


From your position in the industry, what should not be missed in the forestry sector in 2022?


1. The use of harvest data. It will be at the core of managing optimization and improvement of the whole chain going forward.


2. The work on sustainability issues. Everyone needs to keep up with everything from regulatory changes from the EU to knowing how forest products are used and knowing the climate benefits of their operations. This will be extremely important in the coming years.


3. AI and optimization. The data is there now, but what do you do with it?

Name: Patrik Anderchen Role: project manager and business developer. ICF coach.

Favourite tree:


Wood maple.

“There are five big maples on the farm where I grew up. Our family has lived there for generations. It’s beautiful to see the seasons change in the trees.”

Best nature experience:


Hiking at Grövelsjön in Dalarna.

“It’s a beautiful mountain setting and a great place to hike by yourself and for shorter hikes with children.”


Favourite apps:






Frequently visited pages online:



Lucidchart – drawing flowcharts


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Sydved chooses CFHarvest – ForestX implements the system





Sydved is first in Sweden to choose CFHarvest from Trimble. ForestX is Trimble Forestry’s partner in the Scandinavian market and is working with Sydved in the implementation


– This is the first step in the rollout of the Connected Forest suite in Sweden. We can now offer the market a complete support for all forestry processes, says Carl Barck, CEO of ForestX. 


Sydved is one of Sweden’s largest forestry companies. The news that the company has chosen CFHarvest was recently announced by Trimble.


Work is now underway to implement CFHarvest at the forestry giant. The work is led by project manager Johan Hedlund, ForestX.

–        It is incredibly exciting to develop both operations and system support together with Sydved. We have now worked intensively during the summer and autumn to get into pilot operation with both production and forest management. Now we have the exciting acceptance tests ahead of us and a rollout that will begin in the fourth quarter of 2022, says Johan Hedlund.

CFHarvest is a forest harvest management and tracking system that provides real-time visibility of harvested volumes and where the timber is located. The system enables forestry companies like Sydved to reduce inventory levels at the roadside and terminal and improve productivity in harvesting operations.


Sydved’s IT manager Örjan Vorrei sees great opportunities with CFHarvest:

–        CFHarvest supports our desired way of working and creates opportunities for major efficiency gains in our production process. The system will also serve as a key component in our harvesting operations that can enable us to focus on our quality and sustainability goals. The service will help to manage the resource-efficient use of roundwood and minimize the emission of unproductive engine hours, as well as protecting soil and natural habitats.


–        With CFHarvest, our contractors will be better able to both plan their work and share important information in real time. This creates the conditions for efficient use of machinery and personnel while reducing the risk of damage to cultural and natural environments. Overall, CFHarvest enables a combination of sustainable working practices and good profitability. Addressing sustainability challenges was an important factor for us when choosing CFHarvest, says Örjan Vorrei.


Trimble Forestry and ForestX’s partnership was also important in the selection of CFHarvest.

– To be the best forestry partner in Sweden, we need to work with the best technology providers. That’s why we chose Trimble Forestry. It’s great that Trimble has ForestX as a partner. ForestX’s extensive knowledge of Swedish forestry and our conditions is an asset for us, says Örjan Vorrei, IT Manager, Sydved.


ForestX has previously implemented CFHarvest at Danish HedeDanmark  and now sees the system being used more in Sweden:

–        This is the first step in the roll-out of the Connected Forest suite in Sweden. We can now offer the market complete support for all forestry processes. It is exciting that we get to start doing this together with a well-established and well-informed customer like Sydved, says Carl Barck, CEO of ForestX.


About CFHarvest


CFHarvest is a forest harvesting management and tracking system that provides real-time visibility of harvested volumes and location of wood. The system enables forest companies such as Sydved to reduce roadside and terminal inventory levels and improve the productivity of their harvesting operations. By minimizing equipment moves and improving locational awareness between the harvester and forwarder, CFHarvest can support the reduction of emissions from forestry operations. CFHarvest is a web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to also manage silvicultural operations and forestry services. In addition, CFHarvest can be used formixed fleet operations and provide traceability to the source.


About Sydved


Sydved handles approximately five million cubic metres of timber annually and offers consultancy and full forestry services. Sydved is based in the southern parts of Sweden with headquarters in Jönköping. Sydved is owned by Stora Enso and Ahlstrom-Munksjö. For more information, visit


About ForestX


ForestX digitizes the Scandinavian and European forest industry with sustainable solutions through selected systems and specialist knowledge in IT and forestry. ForestX was founded in 2018 and today has close to 50 employees in Sweden and in Pune, India.


For more information, visit:


About Trimble Forestry


Trimble’s forestry division provides SaaS and enterprise software to improve the productivity and sustainability of the world’s most recognized integrated forest-related organizations. Trimble’s Connected Forest™ solutions manage the entire commodity lifecycle of planning, planting, growing, growing, harvesting, transporting and processing. For more information, visit:


About Trimble


Trimble is an industrial technology company that is changing the way the world works by delivering solutions that enable our customers to thrive. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity, and data analytics connect the digital and physical worlds to improve productivity, quality, safety, transparency and sustainability. From custom products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble is transforming industries like agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation. For more information about Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB), please visit

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Kevin Toohill, CEO of Trimble Forestry: “The large investments in IT and technology makes Sweden interesting”

Canada / Sweden


Through the collaboration with ForestX, Trimble Forestry will make a long term commitment to the Swedish and Nordic markets.


– It’s amazing how efficient and advanced the Nordic forest industry is, says Kevin Toohill, CEO of Trimble Forestry.


In this interview made in March 2021, he gives his views on the Swedish willingness to invest, talks about adaptation to the Nordic market and what a Finnish sunrise feels like.


Kevin Toohill has previously been responsible for Trimble Forestry in Europe, and during that time he was based in Finland for a year and a half. After that experience and through his continued work in international forestry, he has a firm opinion of the forest industry in the Nordic region:


– It is clear how Nordic forestry always strives for more efficiency, it’s amazing how advanced it is. It is a technically advanced and dynamic region, it is fun to work there!


– I was also impressed how much of an identity the forest and the forest industry have in the Nordics. It is such an important part of culture and the economy. In Canada it is not at all central in the same way, it is a different dynamic, says Kevin Toohill.


Looking for new technology


For the past three years, Swedish ForestX and Trimble Forestry have been collaborating on the Swedish market. Sweden is one of the world’s largest forestry countries, so it is an exciting market from that perspective, says Kevin Toohill.


– But what makes Sweden particularly interesting for Trimble Forestry right now are the large investments in IT and technology that are being made, he continues. This lines up with what we at Trimble have been doing in development and investments. The timing is good, there is a lot of activity in the Swedish market and many are searching for new technology and for replacing old systems.


Kevin Toohill in particular mentions the transition to VIOL3 as a crucial part of entering the Swedish market.


– Everyone, us including, was waiting for the next platform to come, and now it is here with all the opportunities it provides. Now that it’s happening, we’re ready to jump in.


Trimble Forestry provides a product suite with modules for the entire forest industry’s value chain, Connected Forest. There are functions for, among other things, planning, planting, harvesting and transportation.


– Our products are about integrating and optimizing the entire supply chain. The great value lies in a combination of having standard platforms and collaborating with partners such as ForestX to adapt it to the local needs of the market, says Kevin Toohill.


Partner with industrial knowledge


Today, Trimble Forestry operates worldwide. North America, South America, New Zealand and parts of Europe are on the company’s map. Sweden is, as Kevin Toohill puts it, “The next frontier”. And the approach is the same whatever market they enter:


– Take the core of what you have, adapt it to the local market. That’s how we work everywhere, says Kevin Toohill.


– All regions we work in have different systems for integration, reporting and regulations. In Sweden, all three parts are affected and it is more comprehensive and more detailed than in other regions. I see two aspects of it:


  1. The product platform we have is built to be adapted to different systems, it is a requirement all over the world.

  2. The collaboration with ForestX means that we have the local expertise, technical capabilities and the industry knowledge.

– It will be a significant effort, but it’s something we have done before, says Kevin Toohill.


– We will have components and modules that will be very specific to the Swedish market. We provide everything needed to operate locally, but it will still be the same core as in the global platform. It allows us and our customers to save money and we can benefit from the common technology.


Investments and development take place continuously within the Trimble Group.


The entire Trimble Group annually allocates $ 500 million for research and development.


– Trimble Forestry is currently investing over six million dollars annually (over 50 million Swedish kronor), specially in Connected Forest research and development, says Kevin Toohill.


Focus on digitization


The collaboration with ForestX in Sweden is well established after a few years.


– It is an ideal partnership as our areas of expertise and our interests are very well aligned. ForestX is very focused on digitalization and we add platforms and products to the collaboration. What we look forward to now as ForestX grows and expands is that we focus on the products and ForestX is focusing on the customers in Sweden. We’re relying on ForestX to take the knowledge of the Swedish market with us, so that we can develop the products in the right direction.


– This is a deeper partnership than we usually have. In other markets, we have grown organically. Through the collaboration with ForestX, we can scale up faster and act quicker than we could do ourselves. The first three years have been really exciting!


The Finnish sunrise


“What I will always remember from Finland is the sun in all seasons. It is the experience of darkness and light and to see a sunset at midnight, if you can even call it a sunset then.


Then it was the darkness of winter, which I still found comforting in some way.


At one point I was in Helsinki and had just arrived from Stockholm and a meeting with Christer and Carl from ForestX. It was March and I arrived at the tram stop and the sun rose. And I remember very clearly that I could feel it in my face. It was the first time I had seen and felt the sun in months.”


Trimble Forestry


Trimble’s Forestry Division offers SaaS and enterprise software to improve the productivity and sustainability of the world’s most recognized integrated forest product companies, forest managers, conservation organizations, government departments, finished product manufacturers, and the partners that connect the global forest supply chain. Trimble’s Connected Forest™ solutions manage the full raw materials lifecycle of planning, planting, growing, harvesting, transporting, and processing.




ForestX combines industry experience, practical business knowledge and a portfolio of unique IT solutions. ForestX creates efficient flows, from forest to end product. We do this by digitizing the forest industry. ForestX has offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Pune, India.


The collaboration between Trimble Forestry and ForestX started in 2018.

ForestX distributes the Trimble Forestry product suite Connected Forest in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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ForestX Named Scandinavian Distributor for Trimble’s Connected Forest Portfolio

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 30, 2018


—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today it has selected ForestX to distribute and support Trimble’s Connected Forest Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolio in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Trimble Forestry and ForestX will work together to bring innovative, technologically-advanced solutions to the Scandinavian forest industry.


“ForestX brings decades of experience and a deep understanding of the needs and operational requirements of the Scandinavian forestry industry. ForestX will match our solutions with specific customer needs, and be a local partner in order to ensure the highest levels of support to Connected Forest customers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark,” said Kevin Toohill, general manager, Trimble Forestry Europe.


“We are proud to join forces with Trimble to bring its wide range of forestry specific software solutions, including the Connected Forest SaaS software portfolio, to Scandinavia. Our specialized team members are on the front lines of technological change in the forest industry, and we are pleased to work closely with Trimble to introduce the most innovative forestry solutions to our market,” said Carl Barck, CEO of ForestX AB.


About ForestX

ForestX digitalizes and creates business value for the forest industry by combining new technology, process knowledge and business expertise combined with a portfolio of unique industry products. The founders of ForestX have a deep knowledge of the Swedish and Scandinavian forest industry and a long history of implementing many major IT solutions for the industry with a team of experienced professionals. For more information about ForestX visit:


About Trimble Forestry

Trimble’s Forestry Division offers land, forest and fiber management solutions that improve the productivity and operations for some of the world’s most recognized integrated forest product companies, forest landowners, timberland investment, conservation, state and federal departments as well as international food processing companies involved in environmental, social and economic land management. The Connected Forest SaaS portfolio provides solutions to manage the full raw materials lifecycle of planning, planting, growing, harvesting, transporting and processing. For more information about Trimble Forestry visit:


About Trimble

Trimble is transforming the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics enable customers to improve productivity, quality, safety and sustainability. From purpose built products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble software, hardware and services are transforming industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation and logistics. For more information about Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) visit:



Kevin Toohill, Trimble Forestry,, Mobile, +358 50 512 7555
Carl Barck, ForestX,, Mobile, +46 70 22 72 172

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