Sydved chooses CFHarvest – ForestX implements the system





Sydved is first in Sweden to choose CFHarvest from Trimble. ForestX is Trimble Forestry’s partner in the Scandinavian market and is working with Sydved in the implementation


– This is the first step in the rollout of the Connected Forest suite in Sweden. We can now offer the market a complete support for all forestry processes, says Carl Barck, CEO of ForestX. 


Sydved is one of Sweden’s largest forestry companies. The news that the company has chosen CFHarvest was recently announced by Trimble.


Work is now underway to implement CFHarvest at the forestry giant. The work is led by project manager Johan Hedlund, ForestX.

–        It is incredibly exciting to develop both operations and system support together with Sydved. We have now worked intensively during the summer and autumn to get into pilot operation with both production and forest management. Now we have the exciting acceptance tests ahead of us and a rollout that will begin in the fourth quarter of 2022, says Johan Hedlund.

CFHarvest is a forest harvest management and tracking system that provides real-time visibility of harvested volumes and where the timber is located. The system enables forestry companies like Sydved to reduce inventory levels at the roadside and terminal and improve productivity in harvesting operations.


Sydved’s IT manager Örjan Vorrei sees great opportunities with CFHarvest:

–        CFHarvest supports our desired way of working and creates opportunities for major efficiency gains in our production process. The system will also serve as a key component in our harvesting operations that can enable us to focus on our quality and sustainability goals. The service will help to manage the resource-efficient use of roundwood and minimize the emission of unproductive engine hours, as well as protecting soil and natural habitats.


–        With CFHarvest, our contractors will be better able to both plan their work and share important information in real time. This creates the conditions for efficient use of machinery and personnel while reducing the risk of damage to cultural and natural environments. Overall, CFHarvest enables a combination of sustainable working practices and good profitability. Addressing sustainability challenges was an important factor for us when choosing CFHarvest, says Örjan Vorrei.


Trimble Forestry and ForestX’s partnership was also important in the selection of CFHarvest.

– To be the best forestry partner in Sweden, we need to work with the best technology providers. That’s why we chose Trimble Forestry. It’s great that Trimble has ForestX as a partner. ForestX’s extensive knowledge of Swedish forestry and our conditions is an asset for us, says Örjan Vorrei, IT Manager, Sydved.


ForestX has previously implemented CFHarvest at Danish HedeDanmark  and now sees the system being used more in Sweden:

–        This is the first step in the roll-out of the Connected Forest suite in Sweden. We can now offer the market complete support for all forestry processes. It is exciting that we get to start doing this together with a well-established and well-informed customer like Sydved, says Carl Barck, CEO of ForestX.


About CFHarvest


CFHarvest is a forest harvesting management and tracking system that provides real-time visibility of harvested volumes and location of wood. The system enables forest companies such as Sydved to reduce roadside and terminal inventory levels and improve the productivity of their harvesting operations. By minimizing equipment moves and improving locational awareness between the harvester and forwarder, CFHarvest can support the reduction of emissions from forestry operations. CFHarvest is a web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to also manage silvicultural operations and forestry services. In addition, CFHarvest can be used formixed fleet operations and provide traceability to the source.


About Sydved


Sydved handles approximately five million cubic metres of timber annually and offers consultancy and full forestry services. Sydved is based in the southern parts of Sweden with headquarters in Jönköping. Sydved is owned by Stora Enso and Ahlstrom-Munksjö. For more information, visit


About ForestX


ForestX digitizes the Scandinavian and European forest industry with sustainable solutions through selected systems and specialist knowledge in IT and forestry. ForestX was founded in 2018 and today has close to 50 employees in Sweden and in Pune, India.


For more information, visit:


About Trimble Forestry


Trimble’s forestry division provides SaaS and enterprise software to improve the productivity and sustainability of the world’s most recognized integrated forest-related organizations. Trimble’s Connected Forest™ solutions manage the entire commodity lifecycle of planning, planting, growing, growing, harvesting, transporting and processing. For more information, visit:


About Trimble


Trimble is an industrial technology company that is changing the way the world works by delivering solutions that enable our customers to thrive. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity, and data analytics connect the digital and physical worlds to improve productivity, quality, safety, transparency and sustainability. From custom products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble is transforming industries like agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation. For more information about Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB), please visit

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Setra Group signs collaboration agreement with ForestX AB

Setra has signed a cooperation agreement with ForestX AB regarding management and development of the TimberBase business system and further development of surrounding business critical features. “ForestX is a startup, but their consultants have extensive experience of the TimberBase and sawmill industry. It’s a collaborationthat creates security, but also provides opportunities to develop TimberBase to meet our customers’ future needs. “Says Mikael Nylén, IT Manager at Setra.


In addition to consulting services, ForestX has an ambition to be a leading partner for innovation and digital solutions for the forest, saw and paper industry. “Setra is in a strong development phase where digital solutions are becoming increasingly important,” says Andreas Hörnfeldt, Technology Director at Setra. “We expect the partnership with ForestX to be an important puzzle piece in our digital development.”


“We are proud to gain confidence and the ability to manage and further develop IT solutions for Setra. Setra will be a very important customer for us and will help develop ForestX into an even better supplier of industry-unique services. “Says Carl Barck, CEO ForestX.


About Setra

We process raw materials from responsibly managed forests and offer environmentally friendly products and solutions for building and living in a global market. The Group has about 800 employees and has a turnover of approximately SEK 4 billion. About 65 percent of sales consist of exports to Europe, North Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


Read more at


About ForestX

ForestX is an IT company with roots in the Swedish forest industry. We deliver business value to the entire value chain from forest to the industry by combining technology, process and operational competence, together with industry unique solutions.


Our consultants

Passionate about business development and value creation with a clear customer focus.


Our Products 


Carefully selected to create value in our customers’ most critical business processes. Our partners; Complements our offer to a complete solution for our customers.


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