Sponsored sauna warms the students in Umeå



Forest studies + sauna = true. Of course, ForestX sponsored the students in Umeå with a new sauna unit when their old “reactor” stopped working.


Finska föreningen (The Finnish association) at the University of Forestry’s student union in Umeå ensures that the sauna culture is kept alive among the students. An open and warm sauna is offered at least once a week.

– It exists for those who are interested in taking a sauna and having a good time, says the president of Finska föreningen, Petter Tillberg.

Petter Tillberg president för Finska föreningen

Since last autumn, a new sauna unit with a new chimney insert has been installed in the association’s sauna, sponsored by ForestX.


The students got in touch with representatives from ForestX during a meeting between the industry and the students in 2022. When the old reactor, as the unit is called by the students, gave up after ten years, they contacted some companies. Patrik Anderchen, a forester trained in Umeå and now business developer at ForestX, picked up on the idea. It was also not difficult to get CEO Carl Barck on board. He too has a past at the university in Umeå.

– I have had a lot of fun as a student in Umeå. Of course we wanted to help the students, he says.

Carl Barck VD ForestX

The sauna is well managed by the Finska föreningen and its board. President Petter Tillberg explains how the board is formed:

– We have a defense minister whose task is to protect the sauna from the Russians, there is a metsä minister who makes sure there is firewood and a makkari minister who makes sure there is something edible. Two people are ministers of culture, their job is to make bad Finnish jokes. The propaganda minister is responsible for various events, the reaktorii minister is responsible for the reactor itself (ie the unit). As the president, I rule and make decisions. We are an association for everyone’s well-being and our goal is just for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves!


Before formal sittings, the sauna is of a slightly more specific character. Then you have to speak with a Finnish accent, regardless of which language you speak.

– The sauna is popular among the exchange students too, says Petter Tillberg.


The association’s sauna has attracted at most 40 people into the humid heat. The sauna has reached an impressive 110 degrees Celsius.


The association cuts the wood themselves. The school owns a forest outside Umeå where the students can clear and thin. When Akademiska hus, which owns the land around the school buildings, recently cleared, the Finnish association also had to take care of the wood.


The Finnish association has existed in Umeå since 2006. The sauna is available for rent for those who want to see the world’s only reactor with the ForestX logo on it!

Fact box

Top rating for Finska föreningen on Google:


The association’s facility is consistently rated five when the visitors have their say. Here are some of the reviews:


Fantastic place. Took a swim in the Gulf of Finland, stepped up as a new person.


Nice atmosphere, nice sauna, nice relaxation area. A high-quality spa facility suitable for all ages.


Very nice and genuine sauna, large selection of drinks and friendly staff! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to try the real Finnish culture here in Sweden!


Very pleasant and pleasant experience in the rustic and genuine establishment. The staff are service-oriented and accommodating in everything from refreshing health drinks by the pool to tasty snacks in the steam sauna. The relaxation area with its own fireplace and open floor plan invites you to convivial discussions in the company of good friends as relaxation after strengthening exercise in the adjacent ecological wooden outdoor gym.


A warm and pleasant sauna that opens up possibilities for a truly unique community.
Should the sauna still feel a bit too hot, you can always cool off in the luxurious “Gulf of Finland” hot tub!

Do you also want to help the students?

The University of Forestry’s Kårhus in Umeå needs a new roof! If you are able to support, contact Patrik Ulvdal .

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