New projects in Europe with Pfeifer



ForestX and Pfeifer continue to work together. After the successful project when ForestX developed Optinex Glulam together with Pfeifer in Austria the two companies look into new ways of digitizing and optimizing timber manufacturing processes.


In December 2021 Stefan Hammerl, director of IT and Andreas Schierle, director of process and project management at Pfeifer, were on a visit to Gothenburg where they discussed upcoming projects. ForestX recently developed a new application within Optinex for tactical planning for Pfeifer’s glulam production.

Andreas Schierle, Stefan Hammerl, Pfeifer and Carl Barck and  Johan Eriksson, ForestX, continue to work together after the successful project developing Optinex Glulam.


Furthermore, Pfeifer is planning to implement Optinex in other fields of business as well. Therefore, Pfeifer and ForestX are currently planning to continue their successful cooperation.


– The cooperation with ForestX is very valuable for us as we are not only looking for technical solutions but also for a partner with deep understanding of timber processes who helps us identifying the best fit within our organization and system landscape, says Stefan Hammerl, Director of IT at Pfeifer.


– It’s inspiring to work with customers like Pfeifer who wants to and dare to work with the latest digital work tools in the sawmill industry. It’s in the collaboration with committed customers like Pfeifer we can make Optinex even better. This means we can always meet the requirements and needs of the industry, says Carl Barck, CEO of ForestX.

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