Sveaskog and ForestX launch KingPin – a new AI tool that increases the value of the forest



KingPin is a tool that uses AI technology to help Sveaskog take care of the forest raw material in the best possible way! KingPin has been developed in collaboration with ForestX’s partner Tenfifty.


– Production is optimized both according to each customer’s unique needs and based on the appearance of our forests in the customer’s delivery area. Timber share is increased, and transport is made more efficient, to the benefit of customers and the environment. So the benefits are great – from several perspectives, says Mattias Forsberg, Production Manager Market Area South, Sveaskog.

Oskar Selmeryd, ForestX, David Fenrich, CTO, Tenfifty Stefan Jönis, ForestX, Anders Bjurström, CEO, Tenfifty, Mattias Forsberg, Sveaskog, Samuel Eriksson, Tenfifty, Christer Lindqvist, ForestX, Patrik Anderchen, ForestX, Jörgen Westman, Sveaskog.
In the spring of 2022, the teams from ForestX, Sveaskog and Tenfifty gathered in Gothenburg to evaluate the work.
Jörgen Westman and Mattias Forsberg of Sveaskog at the ForestX mainoffice in Gothenburg, Sweden.

– It is a long and successful project that is now coming together! It’s  been great to implement an AI project with a well-known customer like Sveaskog. Our ambition is to always be at the forefront of digitalisation. Now we look forward to new challenges together, says Christer Lindqvist, Marketing Manager and co-founder of ForestX.

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