Anna Adrup to ForestX: “You have to be proactive about VIOL 3”

Karlskoga/ Gothenburg


In Anna Adrup, ForestX has connected with a person with solid forest experience in combination with IT knowledge. Anna Adrup chose the forest already in high school.


Timber buyer, logistics and business developer can be found on her forestry CV. The foundation was already laid at the high school of natural sciences and further during the education as a forest engineer. Many years at Sveaskog, and then a detour to both consulting companies and government agencies to now return to the forest. With experience from different industries, she sees both similarities and differences with the forest industry.


– I missed the forest and working with business-related issues. I like working with change management in production and logistics. These are the main areas which I have experience from. We work in the classic borderland between business and IT, but I lean more towards business. So it’s great fun to be back and to be on ForestX.

The first assignment for Anna Adrup is to work with the VIOL 3 project at Sveaskog as a business developer. This involves, among other things, formulating the business’s needs to Biometria, whom is developing VIOL 3.


From your professional perspective; what should you keep an eye on in the forest industry in 2021?


– You have to be proactive in the development issues around Biometria and VIOL 3. You have to step forward and be involved and monitor and influence. The question spans so many parts and it is important to network. There are several companies that sit in the same boat, it is important to take the plunge toghether in the issues where we have equal needs and use the networks you have.




Name: Anna Adrup


Title: Business consultant / project manager / business developer


Favorite tree: Sparbankseken which stands after Skultunavägen outside Västerås. It is said that it inspired the logo for the swedish bank Sparbanken. That’s what the story says anyway, and I’m from Västerås. It is an amazingly beautiful tree!


Nature experience: My father is from Skåne and a childhood memory is how we children sat in the cherry trees on Österlen and ate whild cherrys.


Most used app: Etsy, a trading place for unique and handmade products and accessories for crafts. I like everything that is beautiful and tastes good! I like to create and I find a lot there.


Three bookmarks in the browser: Biometria, Sveaskog and Hemnet.


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The transition to VIOL 3 plays a crucial role when Trimble Forestry invests in the Nordic market.

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Stefan Jönis joins ForestX

Leksand / Gothenburg


ForestX can add Leksand to the office map.


In Stefan Jönis, the company gets its northernmost located solution architect.


Right now, in these pandemic times, the office is confusingly similar to the family home, and no colleagues are visible either.


– We have to make sure I’ll get some collegues, says Stefan Jönis. I’ll miss having an office with others in the long run …”

Throughout his career, Stefan Jönis has worked for the forest industry. Among other things, he has worked as a system developer, architect, project manager and manager throughout the chain in the paper industry. For a couple of years he was a part of Imano and later Tieto.


Industry with a good future


Now he has become one of the over 35 coworkers at ForestX. He will continue to work as a solution architect for the forest industry.


– It’s fun to join ForestX. I recognize many in the staff and know that they are good at what they do, I know what I’m getting into. It is also an industry with a good future.


From your professional perspective; what should you keep an eye on in the forest industry in 2021?


– AI optimization! We work on a project with Sveaskog on AI. I believe they are the first to do it, and it will strike when everyone can see how valuable it is. (Read more about the AI projects at Sveaskog here)


–  It is also exciting with harvester data and everything you can do with it. One thing is to do yield calculations, it means that you collect all the data from the harvester and break it down into smaller areas. When you then have to harvest an object, you want to be able to predict how much of different logs and assortments will fall out in the felling and this is done by comparing with all other similar surfaces, based on previous felling. It is constantly being filled with data, it will be a statistical AI.


– Harvester data is a fairly unexplored area. You just have to collect data and have a little imagination, then there are as many applications as you like! says Stefan Jönis.


More on

Name: Stefan Jönis


Title:Solution architect


Favorite tree: Alder


Best nature experience:The high coast of Sweden


Most used app: Runkeeper


Three favorite bookmarks in my browser: Leksands IF, ForestX,

We’re expanding to Stockholm, and welcoming new talent

ForestX’s success continues. Shortly after opening our first overseas office in India, we’re now happy to announce further expansion and welcome our Stockholm team. The new team.

Sven Lundmark
Project Manager


“Expanding to Stockholm was a natural choice for us. It was important to create a presence in such an important part of Sweden, with increased proximity to customers’ head offices, partners, and the opportunity to attract new expertise and talent.

We predict that the forest industry will continue to develop – and with that comes a great need for digitization. This is thus just one step in ForestX’s further expansion. ”

Carl Barck

Join our Stockholm team


We are currently welcoming applications from all candidates with solid forestry or IT skills, who likes to work with change, both to Stockholm and the head office in Gothenburg. Become part of the most innovative company that works to digitize the forest industry.


Send your application to:

Four benefits from our new Stockholm expansion:


  • Increased proximity to forest actors in Central and North Sweden

  • Closer to our customers HQs

  • Closer to new IT partners

  • The possibility to recruit new talent from the Metropolitan Stockholm and Central Sweden

Find us here:


Gothenburg, Sweden (HQ):

Stockholm, Sweden:

Pune, India:

Digitalization for the forestry industry blossoms, despite pandemic. ForestX expands with new office in India.

ForestX opens up for even more Swedish and Nordic forestry clients by setting up new office and hiring seven skilled developers in India.


Our new team, with long experience from both system development and Swedish forest industry, will be based in Pune, India.

This is ForestX’s first office outside Sweden, but the experience from working in international teams is already established through our partners in Bulgaria and Poland.




We’re strengthening our delivery model, working with “blended teams” even more by adding our new team in Pune, India. Our clients will continue to work closely with us and communication will be just as usual (meaning in Swedish for most of our clients). The difference is the added competence and a new unique mix in our delivery capacity. This will enable us to broaden our offerings and create more cost efficient deliveries for our clients.”

Christer Lindqvist
Marketing & Sales, ForestX



“In times of Covid-19 and social distancing, digitalization is on the agenda more than ever before. Being able to strengthen our offer and competence, despite the prevailing pandemic, is a positive and important step for us. This investment is a win both for ForestX and our customers in the forest industry.”

Carl Barck
CEO, ForestX


WHY ForestX?


Nikhil Vaidya reports from India…

“We are proud to be part of the new journey that ForestX has chosen to take in India. Our employees look forward to working and collaborating on joint projects with our new colleagues in Sweden, and strengthening our customers’ operations through innovative and new digital solutions.”

Nikhil Vaidya
CEO ForestX India Private Ltd.



Get to know our new team, their skills and background here: Our team in India



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